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6 June 17 - 1054 EDT


"Your wisdom increases with age, but your health goes the opposite way."

Forrest Caricofe

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**I did not finish my story (blog) of the day until almost 4:00 PM. Sometimes I get carried 

away and can't stop running my mouth. I did not publish a postcrossing or a video because

at 4:00 PM I drove Bill to the Wooster Community Hospital to get his warfarin leveled 

checked with a blood draw. I use to do the same thing with Mother, drive her to the 

doctor's once a month, after she had developed congestive heart failure. My Aunt Nita who 

lives in Dayton, Virginia where I grew up has to do the same blood draw as Bill and 


I'm often surprised as to the people that I meet. I met a man yesterday who looked 

younger than me who had a Ohio State Buckeye symbol on his T-shirt. I can't 

remember who initiated the conversation between us, but I usually do like I've done all my

life. We did not share names or ages, but talked of things we knew of and shared together. 

We talked about the Cleveland Browns and their possible quarterback of this year, the 

Cleveland Cavaliers chances now being down 2 games to none. We talked about the world 

champion boxer from the Cleveland area and the minor league ice hockey team that won 

its' championship. He also said his daughter was dating a major sports figure and he 

seemed to be very proud about that. He was kind and gentle like the 2 men I met before. 

One was an employee of Lowes (an Asian Indian) and the other in Las Vegas, who was 


I thought at first he was waiting on someone, but I learned later that he was, like Bill, he 

was there to have a blood sample taken or other. If I remember we said our goodbyes, I 

believing he was leaving, but he came and we talked again for a short time. 

I later met a woman, younger than me, and we talked of closing times of the blood 

drawing department, 5:00 PM, the volunteers and valets leaving, 4:00 PM. This is a little

sketchy in  memory, but the woman approached the man or vice-versa and the woman 

asked the man if he remembered her. I don't want to speculate further, but I believe they

had like a family reunion where shared experiences are talked about. Was it wrong for me

to listen? If so, I hope they will forgive me. 

Just before Bill and I were about to leave, I ask one of the ladies at the registration desk 

for a pen and a piece of paper. I wrote down on two 1/2 s: Google = Forrest Caricofe. I 

interrupted their conversation, how rude of me, and handed them each a copy asking if I 

could say something about them in tomorrow's story (blog), mentioning no names. They

both said yes. I thanked them, we said our goodbyes and Bill and I left as they continued 

their conversation.

**Because of spending so much time yesterday on my story (blog) of the day, I've got 

some catching up to do.

7:01 AM 6/6/2017 EDT. I've just published 1 video of me in the cafeteria in the VA hospital 

in Cleveland and will probably publish a few more videos today. I'm making good progress

on my story for now and I hope it continues.

I still have not placed a subscribe button on and I need to do that today.

The weather calls for a high and low temperature of 65° and 51° with mostly cloudy skies.

I need to plant those 30, more or less, discounted plants I purchased at Lowes and sow 

some more grass seed and to check on the bird feeders to see if I need to fill them with the

wild bird seed I have.


**I haven't talked about my health much lately, but it has been on my mind for a while.

This next October 27, I'll be three quarters of a century old and I'm still in fairly good 

health for my age. But how long will this last? 

I've been smoking for about 55 years and any attempts to quit have failed. I have cronic 

bronchitis just like Mother who had the disease because of my Father's second-hand 


I have arthritis in the back and I'm very sore when I get up in the morning and relief 

comes only when I move around for an hour or so.

I have glaucoma which is probably caused by smoking. I have 2 different prescribed eye 

drops, for both eyes, that I take in the morning and at night. This keeps the pressure in the 

eyes down to a satisfactorily level. If the pressure becomes to high, blindness occurs. I visit 

the eye doctor every 4 months who checks on my pressure level. The ideal pressure is 18 

or less. I believed mine checked 14 or 15 in both eyes my last visit.

I still have excellent hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling although I have carpal tunnel

syndrome in both hands and forearms.

I'm overweight for one of the few times in my life and I know this is harming my health,

but I keep eating more calories that I expend. I eat good but I eat too much of good.

And I eat sweets. I believe that if I could just stop eating sweets, I would loose weight.

So, that's my promise to myself today, 8:59 AM 6/6/2017 EDT after eating the sweets I 

already have, of course.

I still have boundless energy and you have heard from me this phrase about 50 times more

or less: "The expenditure of energy creates energy." And you have to eat good too, of 



*8:19 AM 6/6/2017 EDT. Tillerson: Trump wants me to fix US relationship with Russia 

amid turmoil. Fox News - ‎5 hours ago‎.

"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday that the U.S. relationship with Russia is at a 

low point, and he was directed by President Trump to rebuild the relationship and not 

allow the political turmoil over possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign to impede his 


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Rex W. Tillerson.

United States Secretary of State.

Rex Wayne Tillerson is an American diplomat, civil engineer, and former energy executive 

who is the 69th and current United States Secretary of State, serving since February 1, 


Born: March 23, 1952 (age 65), Wichita Falls, TX.

Nationality: American.

Spouse: Renda St. Clair.

Office: United States Secretary of State since 2017.

Children: Tyler Tillerson.

Education: University of Texas at Austin (1975), Huntsville High School (1970).

**Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a former Exxon Mobil executive and had ties with 

Russia as part of his job. He's also had a lot of experience as a peace maker and was 

chosen by President Trump for that reason. That's what a secretary of state does. I'm sure 

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will find a way for the U. S. and Russia to mend their 


*8:37 AM 6/6/2017 EDT. Youssef Zaghba named as third London attacker. 

Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"The third London Bridge attacker was identified Tuesday as a 22-year-old, Moroccan-born 

Italian who had been previously stopped by security forces who suspected he was bound 

for Syria and reportedly notified U.K. authorities, according to British police and Italian 


**I'm getting tired of talking about blood, guts, destruction, terrorists, ISIS (Islamic State

of Iraq and Syria) and other terrorist organizations, but that's what a majority of people 

like to see or hear because it's almost always headline news. 

I hate to say this, because I like all nationalities, except for the evil individuals, of course, 

but what I said in my story of June 4 might suffice for here: "I know that not all Muslins 

are terrorists, most believe in peace, but how can you tell? The best solution I can think of 

is to ban all Muslim refugees and deport all Muslims from the British Empire." Again, I 

hated saying that.

*9:03 AM 6/6/2017 EDT. 'Bill Cosby: An American Scandal' details accusers' stories.

Fox News - ‎9 hours ago‎.

"Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial began Monday with opening arguments and the explosive 

claims of Kelly Johnson, who tearfully testified that she was drugged and sexually 

assaulted by the comedian in 1996, while she was working for his agent."

**I saw a portion of Bill Cosby's, fame to shame (my words), last night on TV because I 

was doing other things at the same time. He is accused of assaulting about 50 women 

more or less from drugging and raping and other forms of female assault.

I would put him in the same class as the Great Fornicator, Bill Clinton and that weiner, 

Porno King, Anthony Weiner and many others that I can't remember for right now.

*9:15 AM 6/6/2017 EDT. How Will Emmy Voters React to Bill Maher's Racial Slur Gaffe?

Variety - ‎13 hours ago‎.

"Bill Maher has long been the Susan Lucci of the Emmys' variety series category: His ABC 

platform “Politically Incorrect” landed eight straight nominations in the 1990s, while HBO's 

“Real Time with Bill Maher” has enjoyed a 10-year streak."

**I have watched “Politically Incorrect” about 20 years ago more or less and I felt that

Bill Maher was insulting and rude. I don't like insulting and rude people, both are probably

sinful in God's eyes.

It's like I said before, I like all nationalities, except the individuals who are evil, so I feel 

that Bill Maher should be dis-invited from the Emmys' and the “Real Time with Bill Maher" 

should be terminated.

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