Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Postcrossing - 6 June 17 - 1706 EDT

**Email message I received from on June 1.

Hello Forrest!

Going on holidays?

If you are going to be away from your mailbox, don't forget to set your account to inactive 

in advance. You’ll still be able to send postcards, if you’d like — but we’ll hold off sending 

you postcards back until you’re active again.

Enjoy your time off!

Postally yours,


In May your mailbox was happy 4 days!

Here are some more statistics about your account in Postcrossing:

Your numbers:

                               May         Total

Postcards sent:         4              43

Postcards received: 9              46  

Country ranking: 


By sent: 16043rd.

By distance: 14693rd.

Country distribution:

In May you sent postcards to...

Country:        Sent     Travel (avg days)

China                 1                26

Czechia              1                14

Macao                1                23

Netherlands       1                15

In May you received postcards from...

Country           Received Travel (avg days)

Netherlands            2                       15

Russia                     2                       26

Finland                    1                       15

France                     1                       22

Malaysia                  1                      28

Poland                      1                      30

Taiwan                     1                      14

Top 4 favorite postcards:

Sent by you in May:

 US-4630924    1 favorite  

All-time favorites

 US-4338070    2 favorites

 US-4597531    2 favorites

 US-4443628    2 favorites

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