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"Does God have the heart to forgive a murderer?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 11,800,000 results (1.26 seconds). 

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**Yesterday. I published my blog of the day early and published 1 video. 

It rained off and on and I was glad for a break from watering the flower beds. 

After Leach's Garage phoned and said that the VW repairs were complete, I drove the 

Honda there to leave for the gasket replacement which will resolve the rough idling 

problem. I noticed yesterday afternoon that the gear shifting on the Honda had become

tight, so they said that they would check that out first. The worst being replacement of the

transmission, but I don't believe the transmission fluid has been changed in over 179,000

miles, so maybe a transmission fluid change is all the Honda needs, I hope.

I later drove to Orrville to get cash from the ATM and then went to China Buffet for 

take out.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 82° and 63° with 

isolated thunderstorms, sunshine on Sunday and rain again on Monday. I'm forever behind

on weeding the flower beds and need to do that today especially after the thunderstorms 

of yesterday. I also need to plant the 10 of 12 bulbs that I purchased at General Dollar. The

next time I drive to Lowes in Wooster, I need to buy grass seed and discounted perennials

because I have a lot of room to plant flowers in the southeast corner bed.

I'm confused concerning YouTube again. They say that my uploaded video of last evening 

was cancelled by me, I not doing it on purpose. I've been attempting to upload and publish

more that 1 video at a time, so maybe, I'll just need to encode, upload and publish 1 video 

at a time?


**Jealousy, revenge and money (greed).

They say that these three words are the reasons people murder other people. The simple 

solution for people who want to murder another person would be just to leave and start a

new life. 

I'm not jealous of anyone, I have no need to take revenge and I'm not greedy. I'm no 

saint, of course, but I don't see why someone would take the life of another?

Cain and Abel - Wikipedia

"Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve in the biblical Book of Genesis. Cain, the 

firstborn ... The story of Cain's murder of Abel and its consequences is told in Genesis 4:1-

18: .... in the Hebrew Bible, a fact that suggests that the History is a late composition 

attached ... Known for, First person that was born; first murderer."

Some scholars propose a date between the 16th and 13th centuries B.C. for God's Ten

Commandments and the life of Cain and Abel in the 6th century B.C., so Cain knew the 

law of God. 

Is God's commandment not enough reason enough for someone not to murder?

Would I murder or kill someone? Sure I would, if I saw someone molesting a child, raping 

someone or someone attempting to kill/murder an innocent person. Would God forgive me

for that? I hope so. I would think that it would be considered self-defense of the person

being harmed or attempted murdered, and not they, but me, doing the self-defending.

Murder is just like suicide, the final solution to a temporary problem except in murder the 

one who murders is not welcome in to God's Heaven.

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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