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"I'm certainly grateful for strangers."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my blog of the day, I went to Lowes, Staples and Walmart in

that order. At lowes I purchased 7 perennials, at Staples I order 1000 business cards and at

Walmart I purchased some things for the house. I checked my email just now and found 

that my printing and marketing order (my business cards) were ready for pickup. 

When I returned to the house and unload my purchases, I went outdoors to finish 

mowing the lawn. 

Then I drove to Orrville for a prescription medication and then to China Buffet for takeout.

After returning to the house, I pulled some weeds and watered the flower beds.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 69° with

showers and showers and/or thunderstorms for the next 2 days. 

8:38 AM 7/10/2017 EDT. I've just returned from taking the garbage containers to the front

for Waste Management to pickup. If the regular guy is driving the pickup will be at about 

11:00 AM more or less, but if it is another driver picking up it might be as late as 2:00 

PM. It's raining, a farmer's rain, which is a delight to both the plants and myself. The corn

leaves in the fields to the south and east are not reaching/searching for the sun meaning 

the dark green corn is not without plenty of rain. The sunflowers who I know now are a 

hardy plant, surviving now when I thought they would not last because of replanting, and 

unlike the corn, the sunflowers look east to face the sun, but not today, of course.

A farmer's rain is one I can work outdoors in, my polyester clothing wicking the wet from

my body, and if I have time I'll plant those 7 perennials, spread the weed control I have

purchased, sow some grass seed and divide, dig up and replant those plants that outgrown 

their space in the flower beds.


**For me there is a great joy in meeting strangers. Strangers are almost always friendlier

than someone you know because you don't know enough about a stranger to argue, get

upset at, disagree with, or other things that may represent conflict. 

Take yesterday for instance. I met a women and a man in line behind me at Staples. The 

man wore a cowboy shirt, jeans and cowboy boots and I commented that all he needed to

be a cowboy was a cowboy hat. He said he had plenty of those and said he had worked on

a ranch in the state of New Mexico. We talked about our shared experiences in the 

beautiful deserts and high mountains of the southwest both of us smiling in our 

remembrances. The lady, who I learned later was the man's wife, told me she was from 

West Virginia near Huntington. We also talked about our shared experiences, I telling her 

that I was born and raised just across the Appalachian Mountains in the Shenandoah 

Valley. Before I left the store I said I'll see you, cowboy and hillbilly and we all laughed.  

I also met a man in the parking lot at Walmart and thanked him for his service to our 

country, like I always do, because of the Navy t-shirt he wore. He said that he was in the 

Army, not the Navy, and had served in Korea where I had been in 1965-1966 as a dog 

handler. We talked about our past experiences in Korea, he being on the DMZ 

(Demilitarized Zone) for a time and I telling of my assignment at a missile defense

battery about a hour east of Osan. We talked also of the dictator in North Korea who said 

once he had a missile that would reach Hawaii and after the most recent launch, North 

Korea has a missile that can reach Alaska. We agreed that President Trump seems to be 

alone in the world in worrying about North Korea's intentions and that President Trump is

a good leader, a good business man and a great president. We also agreed that the liberal

media is continuing to delay the focus on the running of the government by continuing 

their reporting of Russia's meddling in last year's election. As we departed, we shook 

hands, his a grip of iron as I tried not wince. We said our goodbyes and then he was gone 

walking towards Walmart. 

I'm don't mind being alone in the world, but I'm not. You see, everyday I have strangers

to talk to. 

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved 

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