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"Does God wish us to pray for everything that we need and/or want?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. Needing global stamps for mailing picture postcards to postcrossing members

around the world, I went to the local Smithville Post Office. The global stamps at $1.15 

per stamp had been replaced by a stamp that I didn't like in comparison to a map of the 

world global stamp that I'm use to. The new stamp looks almost like a head of leaf lettuce 

and if you added chicken and condiments you would have a chicken garden salad. I 

needed global stamp to place on the envelope with the postcard enclosed that I was 

mailing to Germany and whose profile indicated, much like mine, was to honor their 

grandfather Heinrich and in my case it's Mother. I also purchased 2 sheets of forever Elvis 

Presley stamps, sometimes people around the world wanting stamps and/or postcards of 

famous people. I also purchased a sheet of forever Dorothy Height stamps. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Dorothy Height

Social activist

"Dorothy Irene Height, an American administrator and educator, was a civil rights and 

women's rights activist specifically focused on the issues of African-American women, 

including unemployment, illiteracy, and voter awareness.

Born: March 24, 1912, Richmond, VA.

Died: April 20, 2010, Washington, D.C.

Awards: Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Books: Open Wide the Freedom Gates, Living with Purpose, The Core of America's Race 


Education: New York University (1932–1933), New York University (1929–1932), 

Columbia University.

Siblings: Anthanette Aldridge."

I did not go out and work in the yard and/or the flower beds at all, spending most of my 

time standing and typing on my computer as I'm doing now. I believe that the weeds grow

faster than the plants/flowers and I know that I need to go out and take care of this weed

problem tomorrow. 

I later drove to Orrville for take out at McDonald's and China Buffet. At McDonald's I met

a man and a woman, who I assumed were married, the man having Navy Sea-bees printed 

on his T-shirt and Tyler on his hat. I asked him about the Navy Sea-bees thinking it was 

like the Army's Special Forces. He said no, it was the construction part of the Navy and 

then I asked him about his hat. Tyler Grain and Fertilizer is the name for a company that 

provides farmer's with things needed for growing crops. Tyler is located in Wylersville, 

Ohio a 1 track train and a population of less than 300 people on Eby Road about 2 miles 

south of Smithville. The man said he was retired and I ask him if Tyler had to close their 

doors because of his retirement. He said no, they're still going strong and we all laughed

and he said "nice talking to you" and I said "me too" as we went our separate ways.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 82° and 69° with

scattered thunderstorms. The sun is shining through my bedroom window right now and 

I hope I'll have time after driving to Wooster to pull up, my constant enemy, the weeds in 

my flower beds. 

The house has already decided not to get takeout at China Buffet this evening, however, I 

may make a special trip there for their egg-drop soup which I like when it's hot.

I can't remember what else I might do today, but as always, I'll meet some friendly 

strangers who will give me a few more stories to tell.


**Some people are no earthly good relying on prayer to God for healing, worldly goods 

and other minor things that they can do for themselves. We can heal our physical and 

mental ailments, to a degree at least, by eating nutritious foods, not at McDonald's and 

other fast food places, and getting daily proper exercise.

1 Timothy 2 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

God Wants Us to Pray for Everyone

"2.  First of all, I ask that you pray for all people. Ask God to bless them and give them 

what they need. And give thanks. 

2.  You should pray for rulers and for all who have authority. Pray for these leaders so that 

we can live quiet and peaceful lives—lives full of devotion to God and respect for him. 

3.  This is good and pleases God our Savior.

4.  God wants everyone to be saved and to fully understand the truth.

5.  There is only one God, and there is only one way that people can reach God. That way is 

through Christ Jesus, who as a man,

6.  gave himself to pay for everyone to be free. This is the message that 

was given to us at just the right time. 

7.  And I was chosen as an apostle to tell people that message. (I am telling the truth. I 

am not lying.) I was chosen to teach those who are not Jews to believe and understand the 


Special Instructions for Men and Women

8.  I want the men everywhere to pray. Men who lift their hands in prayer must be devoted 

to God and pleasing to him. They must be men who keep themselves from getting angry 

and having arguments.

9.  And I want the women to make themselves attractive in the right way. Their clothes 

should be sensible and appropriate. They should not draw attention to themselves with 

fancy hairstyles or gold jewelry or pearls or expensive clothes. 

10 But they should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. That is more 

appropriate for women who say they are devoted to God.

11.  A woman should learn while listening quietly and being completely willing to obey. 

12.  I don’t allow a woman to teach a man or tell him what to do. She must listen quietly, 

13.  because Adam was made first. Eve was made later. 

14.  Also, Adam was not the one who was tricked.[a] It was the woman who was tricked 

and became a sinner. 

15.  But women will be saved in their work of having children. They will be saved if they 

continue to live in faith, love, and holiness with sensible behavior.

Footnotes: [a].

1.  Timothy 2:14 Adam was not … tricked. The devil tricked Eve, and Eve caused Adam 

to sin. See Gen. 3:1-13."

Easy-to-Read Version (ERV).

Copyright © 2006 by Bible League International.   

I believe in everything typed under the heading," God Wants Us to Pray for Everyone," but

I normally don't pray for myself. 

In the second section, "Special Instructions for Men and Women," I do not believe in 

verses 11. and 12. 

In a book, I don't remember the name, maybe' East of Eden,' I read once or twice by the 

author, John Steinbeck, when he commented that the translation of the Bible from Hebrew 

to English was incorrect with the words "Thou shalt" being "Thou mayest." If this is 

correct, it does not fit well with the Ten Commandants, but in other sayings, proverbs, 

books and other from the Bible it seems to give all a free choice. If so I have the right to 

believe in equal rights for women.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"The Equal Rights Amendment passed the U.S. Senate and then the House of 

Representatives, and on March 22, 1972, the proposed 27th Amendment to the 

Constitution was sent to the states for ratification.

By May 5, 1992, the requisite 38 states had ratified the amendment (North Carolina had 

re-ratified it in 1989), and it was certified by the archivist of the United States as the 

Twenty-seventh Amendment on May 18, 1992, more than 202 years after its original 


And its' content is clear:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United 

States or by any state on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the 

provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved or

Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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