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"Eat good, almost always feel good."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After finishing my blog which was late because of my appointment to see 

Dr. Kwok, I fixed the the GoPro Web Cam. It was very simple. After googling GoPro won't 

work, the instructions said push in the on off button for 10 seconds and release. It worked.

My oldest cousin, Franklin, told me one time that "you have to be smarter than the thing 

you're working on," and this time it took 3 days for me to become smart enough to fix it.

I later drove to McDonald's in Orrville for a double quarter pounder, my favorite, and $1 

extra for 4 chicken nuggets which the cashier must offer you or you'll get it free. 

And much later I drove to Orrville again to Rite Aid for prescription medications. I like 

Rite Aid opposed to CVS (Convenience, Value, and Service). We were using CVS in Orrville, 

but the company failed to reach an agreement with Tricare, so we switched to Rite Aid 

and I'm glad we had to. Tension seems to permeate the CVS pharmacy at times and I don't 

like being a part of that. I had learned almost all the names at CVS and now I've learned 

almost all the names of those people working in pharmacy and at the checkout line in the 

front of the store. The people working in the pharmacy, mostly women, are always friendly 

and I only have trouble with 2 of those who look the same. I usually get up close to see 

whether she has a small mole on her face just about an inch and a half to the left of her 

nose and if so, I'll recall her name and if not I'll know that it's the other one, the almost 

twin-like, sister like of the two. 

After driving back to the house, I went outdoors to work in the flower beds for the 1st 

time in 3 days. I pulled weeds, sticker weeds that try to hide themselves behind flowers, in 

the flower bed directly in back of the house and my enemy the wire weed, in the sewer 

flower bed and the other 4 flower beds in the back yard. I also planted 4 of the 7 

discounted plants I purchased at Lowes and divided, dug up and replanted in 4 different

flower beds a plant that had outgrown its' space.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 82° and 70° with 

thunderstorms. The farmer's in this area of Ohio will have a good crop again this year, the

corn stalks looking dark green and the soybean as well, both not lifting their leaves 

searching for rain. Hopefully, with a few breaks without lightening, I can plant the 3 

remaining plants, do some more weeding which is a never ending process, plant the 

remaining bulbs that I've forgotten about, spread the 2 bags of pearl black mulch where 

it's needed and spread in parts of the yard where weeds are intermixed with the grass, the 

the mixture that promises to kill everything but the grass. 

Before going outdoors, I need to publish this blog and since I've got the GoPro Web Cam 

working, I may have a chance to produce several videos with several ideas on what to 



**As you may know I'm always interested in healthy food. 

Sometimes when I'm in the waiting room at Dr. Kwok's office, I pick up a magazine to

read and/or look at. Yesterday I picked up a May 2017 edition of 'WebMD.' The article I 

was interested in began on page 64 entitled 'Are Fermented Foods Good For You?'

Its' been several years ago that I met a woman in Sharp Shopper's grocery store in 

Harrisonburg, Virginia. While we were looking at the yogurt, I asked her if yogurt was 

good after the drop dead date. She said yes, foods that are already spoiled can't get any 

worse. This meaning to me now is, after reading the article, that yogurt is a fermented 

food. The article lists 6 other fermented foods besides yogurt:

by Matt McMillen.

Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD WEBMD lead medical editor.

1.   "Kefir. ....a milk beverage with a sour taste falling somewhere between the taste of 

buttermilk and sour cream.

2.   Kimchi. A traditional Korean dish of fermented vegetables, often made with cabbage,

ginger, garlic, radishes and other ingredients."

When I was stationed in Korea, our house boy who was paid more than the Korean 

national average for the year of about $175, if I remember correctly, did everything for us 

including ironing our fatigues, cleaning our Quonset Hut and other things I could have 

done for myself. My fellow soldiers complained about his bad breath, no big deal to me, 

and our house boy stopped eating Kimchi before he came on to our compound.

"3.   Kombucha. A slightly sparkly sweetened fermented beverage made with green or 

black tea.

 4.   Miso. A paste, originally from Japan, made with fermented soybeans, salt and a grain 

like barley or rice, often used as a base for soups.

 5.   Tempeh. Made with fermented soybeans and formed into wedges; has a mild nutty

flavor and is often used as a meat substitute.

 6.   Sauerkraut. Finely chopped fermented cabbage with a strong sour taste."

I'm eating sauerkraut out of a can right now, but that has been processed. Unprocessed 

sauerkraut can be be found in most grocery stores in the meat section, so the next time I 

go to the grocery store, I'll purchase the unprocessed variety. 

"7.   Yogurt. Thick and creamy and made from milk fermented with the addition of live 

bacteria and cultures."

Yogurt I do eat or, maybe, just swallow because of its' creamy texture. 

And some more excerpts from the article:

"....some early research suggests - that the beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods

may promote gut health by increasing healthy bacteria."

""I you're consuming a diet rich in fermented foods, you're essentially bathing your

gastrointestinal tract in healthy food related organisms,""says food scientist Robert 

Hutkins, PhD, a professor at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln whose lab focuses on the 

link between fermented foods and human health.

An estimated 100 trillion micro-organisms make a home in your gut and they play a big, 

though not yet fully understood, role in your health. They influence metabolism and the 

immune system, and they may be involved in the development of colorectal cancer, 

obesity, and diabetes."

The article goes on to say that there needs to be much more research in order to tell the

what role fermented foods play in your health, but so far the research suggests that 

fermented foods play a positive role in your health. 

And if you would like to make fermented foods as a part of your diet, Kristin Kirkpatrick,

a registered dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic says "start small and see how your gut reacts."

Just before I completed the last of this article, I drove to Buehler's grocery store to see 

what fermented foods they had on the shelf's. I purchased Chobani Greek Yogurt which 

contains live and active cultures and Greenfield Farms Certified Organic Raw Sauerkraut

and Lacto-Fermented. Not the kind in the plastic bag in the meat department which I 

thought was fermented before, but the fermented variety by Greenfield Farms in a glass 

jar, also in the meat department. I looked for Kimchi, but they had none. I believe I 

purchased Kimchi some years ago from Walmart and if they have it I'll buy it the next 

time I drive to Wooster. 

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