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"Can your dreams be for real or are they just dreams?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I did not get much done, driving to Orrville to Rite Aid for another 

prescription medication and to Buehler's grocery store searching for fermented foods that

I researched and typed about yesterday. It was late before I published my blog of the day,

about 5:00 PM, so I decided not to go outdoors and work in the flower beds. One good 

thing about not working in the dirt of the flower beds is that I don't have to take a shower, 

but my long hair will become more tangled because of skipping a day of combing out my 

tangles after showering. 

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 81° and 62° with 

partly cloudy skies with no rain in the forecast until Sunday. My Acurite weather gauge 

which is on my dresser and to right of me displays a present temperature of 71°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.92 and about a 3/4 of a moon tonight. 

With the forecast for no rain I should be able to accomplish the tasks in the flower beds 

and the yard I told you about the day before yesterday, but since you and I may forgotten,

I'll list those tasks below:

1.   Pull or dig out weeds. It's always important to pull up the root. If you don't the weed 

will grow to see another day.

2.   Plant the 3 remaining discounted plants, perennials, I purchased at Lowes. All 3 require

full sun and the southeast corner flower bed has plenty of room for planting them there 

and nothing to shade the plants except for the growing corn. 

3.   Plant the remaining bulbs. I believe I have about 8 left. The recommended planting 

depth is 8 inches. I have a stake marked at a 8 inch depth which I drive into the ground 

with a sledge hammer. I then place the bulb in the hole and drive it down to the bottom

with the other flat end of the stake and then cover the hole with dirt.

4.   Spread the 2 bags of pearl black mulch that I've had for some time. I've seen places in

the southeast corner flower bed that need the mulch which helps to prevent water loss and

weed growth. I will probably need to buy more mulch, the other 4 flower beds in the back

and the sewer bed nearer the front needing mulch in the bare places of dirt. 

5.   Spread the bag of beaded mixture on to the yard where grass and weeds are growing 

together which promises to kill the weeds and not the grass. 

6.   Separate, dig up and replant those plants that have grown too large for their space in 

the flower beds. 

The lawn needs mowing again, but I don't believe I'll have time to mow today, maybe 


And not concerning the flower beds and the yard:

7.   Since the GoPro Web Cam is working I need to produce at least 1 video.

8.   Postcrossing says that now I can mail 2 more picture postcards and if I have time I 

might, at least, start preparing those today. 


**I told you some time ago that I would relate to you what I believe was my Mother's 

conversation with God. Is it true? I'm not sure. It could have been a dream, I suppose.

It was the time when Mother was in her dying bed.  

It's going to take awhile to tell this story, so I hope you'll be patient. I'm telling it now 

because God doesn't guarantee you another day of life. It will certainly, TO BE CONTINUED 

and if I don't live another day, you'll have to make up the rest of the story about Mother's 

conversation with God.

It was when I was taking care care of Mother in her home on Herring Lane near Dayton 

and Bridgewater, Virginia that I saw a man walking the wrong way, not against traffic, on 

the buggy trail towards Dayton from the high bank which borders the east side of U.S. 

Route 42. "U.S. Route 42 is an east–west United States highway that runs southwest-

northeast for 355 miles from Louisville, Kentucky to Cleveland, Ohio." (Wikipedia), but for 

this portion of the route U. S. Route 42 runs north and south. He looked strong as he was 

walking and he saw me and called out my name, Forrest. I had never seen this man before 

in my life. I said come on up, I could climb the bank after walking 6 hours. I said he looked 

strong, but he asked me for assistance. So I went over to the carport roof and grabbed a 

rope I had there and tied it to the gas piping that was within 3 feet of the top of the bank. I 

threw the rope down to him, he grabbed it, and still needed help with me doing most of 

the pulling. As he got to the top it took him a while to catch his breath and when he 

seemed OK, I said "how do you know my name?" He said "I know everyone's name." For 

the moment I didn't know what to say because I had never heard of anyone who knew 

everyone's name. He finally introduced himself as Simon and sometimes called Peter. He 

said he had a brother named .... TO BE CONTINUED....

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved 

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