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"What would it be like to know the ways of Heaven?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. The only tasks I completed from the list of 8 yesterday, besides publishing 

my blog:

"1.   Pull or dig out weeds. It's always important to pull up the root. If you don't the weed 

will grow to see another day.

2.   Plant the 3 remaining discounted plants, perennials, I purchased at Lowes. All 3 require

full sun and the southeast corner flower bed has plenty of room for planting them there 

and nothing to shade the plants except for the growing corn. 

5.   Spread the bag of beaded mixture on to the yard where grass and weeds are growing 

together and promises to kill the weeds and not the grass." 

But I did mow the lawn which wasn't on the list. It takes about 4 hours to mow the lawn,

leaving little time for completing other tasks. 

Before this I drove to Orrville to Bell Stores to buy gas for the lawn mower and to Save A

Lot for blackberries, red raspberries and Kurtz Spicy Brown Mustard that I like. I was also 

looking for Kimchi, 1 of the fermented foods I typed about 2 days ago. I talked to the meat

manager, a friendly young man, who said it may be available at Hartlzer's which is located

on the right after turning right from the intersection of Smithville Western Road and State

Route 3 when driving west towards Wooster. I believe that Walmart may also have Kimchi,

but I'm going to still drive to Hartlzer's to see what they have. 

I also need Kefir, Kombucha, Miso and Tempeh to have all of the 7 fermented foods listed 

in the article. 

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 78° and  60° with 

partly cloudy skies and no rain for the next 2 days. My Acurite temperature gauge to my 

right and on my dresser where I'm typing displays a present temperature of 68°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.95 and a little more than a half moon tonight. 

With no rain, sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightening, I should be able to 

accomplish those listed tasks that I didn't get done yesterday. 

7:14 AM 7/15/2017 EDT. It looks like I'm going to publish my daily blog early, so I should 

certainly have plenty of time to do those things that need to be done in the flower beds 

and the yard. 

I almost forgot. The other day in Rite Aid, a man at the cashier's counter, said to me "I use 

to be old." in response to something I said which I don't remember for now. That was a 5 

word phrase that I have never heard before. I thought about what he had said as I left the 

store. I believe that he once thought that he was old because of ailments and aging 

condition, but since has changed his attitude to a positive one, forgetting the previous 

negative one, and now is happy and full of life. Goes to show you what you can learn by 

listening to people.



**Well, I've lived another day to continue what I believe to be Mother's conversation with

her Lord. 

I didn't give you any time frame yesterday, but I believe that it was in the first two weeks 

of March, 2015.

"He finally introduced himself as Simon and sometimes called Peter. He said he had a 

brother named ...." Andrew. He told me that Andrew knew the ways of Heaven and from 

time to time Peter would relate information through him, Peter, and give that information

to me. "Why me?" I asked. "Because your Mother was a special person, Forrest and God is

giving you knowledge through Andrew to let you know of your Mother's eventual ascent to

Heaven." At that point, I was curious about him knowing everyone's name and his 

weakness attempting to climb the steep bank in front of the house, so I asked him about it.

He said "I'm over 2000 years old, you'd be weak too if you'd lived as long as me, and for 

that same  reason I know everyone's name.  Andrew and I are fishermen and we are 

disciples of Jesus." "Why are you here on earth if Jesus, the son of God, is in Heaven, 

Peter?" "Jesus sends us back down to earth for special occasions and special people like 

your Mother. I have no other counsel to give you right now, my memory here on earth is 

not as perfect as when I'm in Heaven. So I'll take my leave and return another day after 

again talking with Andrew."

Before Peter departed I told him to follow me south a bit and to the east past the 

beautiful tree, that Mrs. Logan gave to Mother, to Herrings Lane where he could, with no 

steep climbs, walk to Harrisonburg where he was headed and to walk facing traffic, not 

with it, remembering Mother's advice. I also pointed out that the next time he came, he 

could enter Herring's Lane at the Bridgewater Car Wash, where my nephew Kevin works. 

We then said our goodbyes and God Blesses and then he walked on Herring Lane north and 

slightly west around the curve to the left and downward to reach U. S. Route 42 going 


I still don't understand entirely why Peter was here and why Andrew is giving to me 

guidance through Peter, so I'll to wait until Peter returns to maybe feel more informed 

of Andrew's knowledge of Heaven....


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