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"Does God really respond to some special people?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. Besides publishing my blog only, it was late in publishing because of reasons 

I can't remember, I drove to Orrville to Buehler's grocery store for things for the house 

and for myself, a pear and a tomato. I like the Bosch pears which are a little firm, yet soft 

when eating them and the large vine tomato that I slice and place on my normal morning 

breakfast sandwich of Orleans sardines, Kurts Spicy Brown Mustard, a product of Save A

Lot, and 2 slices of double fiber 100% whole wheat bread that I can only find at Buehler's.

In the afternoon, sometime around 3:00 PM, I went outdoors to work in the flower beds. 

I'm just starting to get control of the weeds, but I still have a ways to go and I need to 

spray weed killer early tomorrow so the spray will take effect before I water and wash off 

the weed killer tomorrow evening. 

**Today. I should be able to publish my blog early, but besides that I need to register 2 

picture postcards that I received as a member of postcrossing. One is from Taiwan and the

other one is from Russia. Both picture postcards have pictures of flowers where the 

sender gets my desires from my postcrossing profile. Some postcrossing members scan 

and upload to postcrossing their picture postcards, but in some cases they don't have a 

scanner, so I need to scan them and upload to postcrossing. 

In a few hours and after publishing my daily blog, I need to go out and spray weed killer

that I talked about in Yesterday's section. I still have not planted the bulbs and may be 

past time for their growth this year, and if so, I'll wait for their blossoming next summer. 

I dug up and replanted some more wild growing sunflowers yesterday which adds up to 

about 20 more or less that I've dug up and replanted. Some have fallen over because of the

wind and replanting so I push in the ground 1 of the green rods I purchased from Ace 

Hardware last year and pull up and maintain the uprightness with a short bungee chord. 



**"I still don't understand entirely why Peter was here and why Andrew is giving to me 

guidance through Peter, so I'll wait until Peter returns to maybe feel more informed 

of Andrew's knowledge of Heaven...." is what I typed yesterday at the end of what I 

believe was at some point was information that Mother had a conservation with God. 

At that time, the 1st 2 weeks in March, 2017, Mother was in Hospice and they were helped

by Roland, Nancy, Jerry and me, but only 2 per shift for 1 or 2 weeks, things being a little

vague for me here. Roland was almost always available to help, he living downstairs in an

small apartment that he rented from Mother. Mother was in her hospital bed in her own 

home which is what she and us kids wanted for her. 

I first saw Peter as he slowly walked past the storage buildings about 100 feet from the 

house and he waved when he saw me and said "hi, how you doing?" I said "fine" and "how

are you?" Peter said "I'm a little worn out, it's a long way from Heaven." He said that his 

brother Andrew had given to him more detailed information about Mother and he 

remembered that Andrew had said that Mother was having a conversation with God. This 

confirmed my dream or reality that God was talking to Mother. Peter said that he did not 

remember the details, his memory here on earth not as good as in Heaven, but on his next

visit, he said probably tomorrow, he should have more details then. 

He told me that he was going to Clover Hill from here with much the same mission and his 

visit to Harrisonburg yesterday with much the same assignment. He knew the way to 

Clover Hill, because he knew everything, I not having to tell him to turn left at the 1st 

traffic light in Dayton, passing 1 of the houses on the left we grew up in and to turn right 

at the crossroad in Ottobine. I remember offering him a ride in Mother's 1986 Honda, but

he said Jesus and his disciples always walked and he thanked me anyway.

We shook hands, said our take care's and goodbye's and then I watched him as he slowly 

walked down Herring's Lane and out of sight after he rounded the curve and downward to 

the left which led to U. S. Route 42. 


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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved 

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