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"Does God really have his special people or does he treat everyone the same?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I developed a cold, slight sore throat, sneezing, partially clogged sinuses, but

no fever. After taking Quaifenesin AC Cough Syrup and later, CVS brand Sinus Pain 

and Congestion, Daytime, I felt a little better but still coughing up a yellow substance and 

not clear like it should be. I have not had a cold for years, but I'm sure I'll get better with 

time. I did not water the plants like I should have because of no rain, but I'm sure they'll 

survive until tomorrow.

**Today. Bill, who I consider one of my few friends in my lifetime will be buried today.

He lived with or near us for over 25 years, his children not caring about him for that period

of years. The only ones that did not forsake him was his brother Larry and his wife, Diane 

He had COPD and heart related problems and died on July 12 at 7:43 AM with all his family, 

Carolyn, Ryan and myself, near him along with 3 members of hospice. At 10:00 AM he was 

taken by Auble Funeral Home to their facility in Orrville. Calling hours will be from 10:00 

AM to 12:00 PM, with services by a local preacher and then the procession to Crownhill 

Cemetery for burial. Military honors will be conducted by the Wooster American Legion

and maybe 2 U. S. Navy soldiers (Bill was in the Navy and on a ship near Vietnam and 

many other places and lost an eye in a boiler room accident) which has as yet to be 


And a special saying we used for Mother we will use for Bill, "When someone you love 

becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure."



"We shook hands, said our take care's and goodbye's and then I watched him as he slowly 

walked down Herring's Lane and out of sight after he rounded the curve and downward to 

the left which led to U. S. Route 42."

**This time I first saw Peter from the steep bank in front of Mother's as he was walking 

just past Turner Ashby High School to his right and was about to enter Herring Lane. He 

was slow in his movements, but kept walking as I came down the slight decline to 

Mother's favorite tree to where we met. We shook hands again and both of us, like 

yesterday, said "how you doing" and both of us said "fine." He said that he had more 

information from Andrew, God and Mother in a conversation, God asking Mother when she 

would like to come to Heaven. "I didn't know that happened," I said to Peter. "Well", he 

said "God does that for special people." He said that God said "Edith, when would you like 

to come to Heaven?" And because she loved her Lord and shy most all her life and her 

response was the same as always in the latter part of her life, Mother said "well, I don't 

know." And according to Peter, God said "well, Edith, what if I pick the day for you?" And 

in her reserved and shy way in the presence of God, she said "that's fine." So the Lord 

chose Friday, March 20, 2015, the first day of spring, a new beginning for Mother and her 



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