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"Does God send to us angels from Heaven?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I published my blog and a postcrossing early yesterday in order to get 

dressed in a black dress pants, white shirt, black socks and Merrell shoes.

When everyone was dressed and ready I drove to Auble's Funeral Home in Orrville for 

Bill's calling hours, services, and then driving behind the Hearst carrying Bill's body to 

Crown Hill Cemetery in Orrville. 

Calling hours went well along with Bill's wish that his two kids not be there. He said once

that" they have not seen me alive for over 25 years,  I don't want them to see me dead."

In this, like other life events I know about, Bill's ex-wife had talked bad about him to their 


The preacher that preached Bill's funeral in Aubles' was much traveled and spoke of 

Arkansas, Tennessee, Maine and now Ohio, we sharing conversation of shared experiences,

I not traveling to Maine yet, but telling him of my niece and nephew, oldest children of my

brother, Roland, who live there.

Ryan, Lonnie and I spoke at the funeral, I saying in 11 words or less, "thanks for being my

friend Bill as you always will be" and then a kiss on his cheek. And then followed by Ryan 

and Lonnie who both spoke quite well.

I produced 8 videos of Bill's funeral and I will try to match the published vidoes on 

YouTube to what I'm typing about in my daily blog.


**Today. Bill is going to be on my mind for awhile, he being one of the few friends I've had

in years. I guess now, I'll need to rely on strangers to be my friends for the rest of my life.

We in mourning need to keep busy, still remembering, keep going forward with our life, so

today I'll go outdoors to the flower beds and yard, Bill now having a better view than me, 

to do what I like to do, planting bulbs, weeding, spraying weed killer and to spread those 2

bags of pearl black mulch that I've ignored for so long. And because the weather report 

calls for no rain, but with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 85°, I'll need to 

water the flower beds later this evening when the plants will not be so shocked by cold water. 



**"And according to Peter, God said "well, Edith, what if I pick the day for you?" And in 

her reserved and shy way in the presence of God, she said "that's fine." So the Lord chose 

Friday, March 20, 2015, the first day of spring, a new beginning for Mother and her 


This time Peter called out my name, "Forrest," and I went out the back door of Mother's 

house, that Father built, and down the steps, that Mother always counted, to meet Peter in

the pebbled graveled driveway. I don't remember who else was helping with Mother at 

the time, but I know there was no reaction from anyone else when I talked to Peter. I 

asked Peter about that saying, "why is it that no one else can see or hear you?" Peter said 

that "all of the people that I see on earth, like you, cannot see or hear me, it's just you 

alone that I need to see and talk to."

Peter then went in to more details, remembering what his brother Andrew had told him, of 

Mother's conversation with God. He said that God said "you being a special person, I'm 

going to allow you to come to Heaven sooner than most of the people that are on earth."

God could almost see immediately that Edith did not like being treated special because of 

her facial expression, so God rephrased his latter statement saying "I know you remember 

your friends, Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Hilbert. They were also kind and gentle people who 

helped others and were obedient to my Ten Commandants. It wasn't just you that I did 

this for." Mother then seemed satisfied that she was not the only one that God was 

allowing a quick trip to Heaven, then she relaxed as God said "you know, Edith, I allow 

some people to wait for days or sometimes years until they've realized their sins and ask

me for forgiveness and then I'll allow them through Heaven's Gate and some never realize 

their sins and you know where they're going don't you Edith?" And Mother in here quiet 

way shook her head, yes.


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