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"Are we all interviewed at Heaven's Gate?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I was still feeling down with cold like symptoms, runny nose, slight sore 

throat and cough, coughing up yellow mucus, but no fever. I'm still taking the over the 

counter medications I told you about yesterday plus now I'm taking 800 mg of Tylenol, 2

times a day. This is the most persistent cold I've had in the last 10 years more or less. I 

know I need to make an appointment to see Dr. Kwok, but I've always been of the mindset

that one's body can heal itself. So, if I don't feel better in a day or so, I make that 

appointment, receive 2 or 3 shots in the upper buttocks, plus maybe 2 more or less 

prescription medications and I'll feel much better in a day or so.

I picked up the Honda from Leach's Garage, they saying they replaced the torn gasket

that before had caused the engine to stall and greased the gear shift which had become 

tight. I driven so many miles in the Honda it has become almost like a friend to me.

I felt so bad that I didn't water the plants, so I hoping for rain to take my place for a while.

I later went to Drabenstots in Orrville for takeout, we went there for food after Bill's 

burial, I ordering a rib basket, no bone-in and not to my liking. I'll need to make sure, at a

carnival or similar event that I purchase a rack of ribs that are, of course, bone-in.

**Today. CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY...."I produced 8 videos of Bill's funeral and I will 

try to match the published videos on YouTube to what I'm typing about in my daily blog."

After the service for Bill at Auble's Funeral Home we went outdoors to the end of the 

hearst, Carolyn's brothers Gene and Richard, 1 of Bill's family members, Lonnie, Ryan and 

I serving as pallbearers. After guiding the casket into the hearst, we all went to our cars to 

line up and follow the hearst. I drove the black 2000 VW just back of the hearst, Carolyn, 

Ryan and I being Bill's only family for the last 25 years or more. 

As we pulled into the cemetery tears started running down my face as I saw 3 sailors in 

dress whites and 6 American Legion members who would fire for Bill a 21 gun salute.



**After Peter had left yesterday, I kept thinking about his visits and still wondering if I 

was just dreaming or not. It is difficult to comprehend these events when you have not 

experienced or heard of them before. Was God really talking to Mother as Andrew told his 

brother, Peter? At that time nearing the end of Mother's life on earth, I had become 

paranoid for reasons I did not understand. Did this trigger the dream or reality of what 

was happening? Maybe. I didn't tell you before, but I asked Peter these same questions. 

His response was that Andrew and him did not know all the answers either and that God 

was the only one who had answers to these questions. 

I saw Peter approach from the back porch of the Mother's home and we waved and said hi

to each other. I went down the back steps, noticing a small plant that Uncle Lester and 

Aunt Bea had given to Mother, and we both shook hands, Peter looking his tired old self.

Peter said to me, "this will be my last visit, Forrest, Andrew has told to me all you need to

know about your Mother's conversation with God." Do you remember me saying yesterday

that God said "and you know where they're going don't you Edith?" And Mother in here 

quiet way shook her head, yes." "Yes I do, Peter."

Well that was the end of your Mother's conversation with God as you Mother was hurried

on God's Interstate to Heaven and as your Mother did, when she was a passenger in a car 

with your Father or someone else, she read all the signs along the way.

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