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"You ain't old if you ain't got an ailment or more."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my blog of the day, I went outdoors to weed the flower beds

and replant some more plants. I divided and dug plants from my burial flower bed (that's 

what they call it) and replanted those in mostly the newest southeast corner bed bordered 

by corn which is now about 3 feet tall. 

I later drove to Orrville to purchase somethings for the house and get take out from the 

China Buffet again. 

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 83°and 63° with 

partly cloudy skies and scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. 

I'm planning to drive to Lowes for discounted plants and Walmart for Scott's Commercial 

Grass Seed. I may pay full price for a perennial fern that I can divide into about 8 

plantings. It's hard work dividing a fern, needing to use wire cutters and a saw. Last year 

I made the mistake of purchasing an annual fern and, of course, the ferns died during the 


I'm back to encoding, uploading and publishing 1 video at a time. Just a few minutes ago

I uploaded Gopr2586 video into Handbrake, my encoder. I've just checked the progress of 

Handbrake and its' progress is at about 25%, so it will probably take another 1/2 hour or 

so until the encoding is complete. I then can upload the encoded file to YouTube which will

take another 2 and 1/2 hours or so until I can fill out the information pertaining to the 

video, then publishing the video and sharing to other social media sites. 


**Old age is defined as anyone who is 65 years of age or older. I'm 74 years old so I'm 

included in this category. 

My Father was 73 when he died and Mother was 96. I've lived 1 year past my Father's age 

of death, but 21 years short of my Mother's age at death. 

As I told you before, I'm in fairly good health for my age. 

Both my Father and my Mother had several ailments as they aged. 

My Father had a heart attack in 1991 and that was what killed him. Prior to that time he 

he did not normally eat good food resorting to eating potted meat and little wieners from 

a can just to name 2. Like me, he smoked, changing from menthol to regular every time he

smoked. If my memory is correct, he refused open heart by-pass surgery, relying on a local 

quack who convinced him that running a certain fluid through his veins would rid his veins

of cholesterol. He would complain every morning, just like me, of being "I'm all stoved up"

meaning his and my muscles were tight and simply needed stretching to get our body 

back to almost normal. He probably, like me, had carpal tunnel syndrome because of the

use of his forearms and hands in his trade as a carpenter. He had shingles at one time near 

his left eye just like Mother did at the time or after Father's death. I'm sure lucky to now 

have a shingle's immunization which I'm sure wasn't available at the time. Would my 

Father have lived longer if he would have quit smoking and/or had the open heart by-pass

surgery. I'm sure of it.

My Mother, on the other hand, had chronic bronchitis as a result of second-hand smoke 

from my Father. She, like me, had arthritis of the back and for a lot of years took 2 Tylenol 

800 mg tabs every 6 hours for pain (I'm not real certain of the mg or the times taken).

I don't take any pills for pain, I just stretch. And maybe, like me, she could have simply 

stretched to alleviate the pain? Mother was really healthy other than that, hospital's visits 

4 times for having babies, 2 times for dehydration and 1 time just months before she died. 

I took her to her doctor in Dayton because she was throwing up and seemed to be in a lot 

of stress. The doctor told me to take her to the hospital because her white cell count was 

over 40,000 (pre-Leukemia) not the normal 20,000 or below. We were advised to place her 

in hospice (in her home and we would accept nothing less) where she died on the first day 

of spring, 2015, at the age of 96.

I've just had a lung cancer screening and a test for an aneurysm. Both tests were 

negative. How long will I live? If I take my Father's age at death, 73, and my Mother's age

at death, 96 and subtract 73 from 96, I get a result of 23. Since I smoke among a few other

bad habits, I'll divide 23 by 2 with a result of 11.5. I'll add 11.5 to my age now, 74. The 

result is 85.5. So, that's what I believe will be my age at death. It's something I've always 

wanted to know and now I know. My last birthday here on earth will be about October 27, 


Of course, you know that God only knows that. 

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