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"Can I run a red light if only God and I are looking?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. Following the publishing of my daily blog, I drove to Orrville to get 

somethings for the house and myself. At Buehler's grocery store I purchased a tomato, a

bosch pear, a double suet holder as well as 2 packs of suet, a plastic humming bird feeder

and to my delight, I found in the cooler case near the deli a full rack of smoked baby back 

pork ribs. 

After returning to the house I went outdoors to begin mowing the lawn. I mowed the front

and mowed the border in the back coming close as I could to the corn and the soybean

fields. I'll always remember Mother and I listening to the radio at breakfast to 'In the 

Garden with Andre Viette.' His advice was to set the mower at the highest level possible 

thus shadowing the weeds and killing them. This doesn't work with wire weeds because 

they grow faster and taller than the grass, but does work on weeds that grow like ground 


Ryan took over the mowing after a while which gave me time to set up the plastic 

humming bird feeder as well as the double suet holder after placing the 2 packs of suet 

inside. It called for rain so I didn't spray weed killer, so I dug up the weeds with my 

shovel, threw them into the cart and then threw them into the fire pit for burning after 

they dried. I did not rain all day so I watered the flower beds just before coming back into

the house to shower, dress and drive to Dravenstott's Restaurant in Orrville for takeout. 

After returning to the house I made a salad with the last of the spring mix of greens and 

vegetables I had and added to that fermented sauerkraut, Kimchi which is always 

fermented and Dona Maria Tender Cactus.

I sliced about a 1/4 off the smoked baby back pork ribs I purchased this morning and 

placed them in the microwave for 1 minute, just enough to warm them. And for desert I

had 2 spoonsful of fermented yogurt, Chobani Greek Yogurt. It was all delicious, you ought

to try it.

**Today. After publishing my daily blog, I need to register 2 picture postcards that I've 

received and upload the front of the postcard, 1 today and 1 tomorrow. 

I'll always miss Bill because we shared a lot of things together including watching 'History

of the Museum' on TV that I thought was on on Thursday. If so, I've missed it this being 

Friday. I have 1 more video to publish of Bill's burial at Crown Hill Cemetery and a video 

of mostly family relatives socializing and eating at Dravenstott's Restaurant in Orrville. 

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 89° and partly cloudy skies and no 

rain until tomorrow, so I should be able to spray weed killer on those weeds I didn't dig

up yesterday. I also need to spray the weeds in our U-shaped tared gravel driveway

because both Bill and I don't like weeds or grass growing there. I also need to spread the 2

bags of pearl black mulch where it's needed and to plant the bulbs that I keep mentioning,

but doing nothing about. 



"but I didn't follow in my Father's footsteps in the vocation of carpentry, only my baby 

brother, Jerry did that." Jerry is mainly an educator, but also inherited the skills of 

carpentry from my Father as well as being a good mechanic. I can't remember if my Father

repaired his vehicles or not or had someone else to do it?

My Father had 3 sisters and 2 brothers, my Aunt Lottie, Aunt Nita and Aunt May, the only 

one still living is Aunt Nita. My Uncles Ray and Paul are Father's brothers, Uncle Ray still 


Father was a family man, unlike his Father who abandoned his family early. It has been 

said, if I remember correctly, that Father's Father, my grandpa Caricofe, once told my 

Father after handing him a nickle, "that's the last money you'll ever get from me." The only

time I remember seeing grandpa Caricofe was when Father, Roland and I where near the 

square in Harrisonburg where grandpa Caricofe was working on something near the city

clock at about 30 feet from the ground. Father hollered out to him after seeing that he had

a bad infected ear "you better have that looked at."

My Father's driving habits were less than normal. Hard on the gas or hard on the brakes,

that's how my Father drove and now later in my life after my driving experiences in Omaha 

and Las Vegas I mirror my Father's driving except running red lights. Something else I 

don't do but Father did was to....


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