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"Is the phrase, 'like Father, like son,' always true?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I went outdoors early after publishing my blog. The weather forecast called 

for no rain and it didn't, the temperature hovering around 90°, I'm hoping later on in the 

future moving upwards to my favorite temperatures of 3 digit. I drank a lot of water and 

other drinks as well as salty potato chips and popcorn so that my body would retain the 

fluid and keep me from dehydrating. 

I trimmed the red raspberry bush, the plant producing nothing this year because the blooms

were killed by just 1 overnight temperature of about 30° in early spring. I also trimmed the

peach tree in the southwest corner flower bed to allow one to walk on the cemented block

walkway that I constructed several years ago. The peaches are a little less than the size of 

an apricot and will probably produce no eatable fruit for 2 years or so. I sprayed about 1/2

of the weed killer I have, I believe it's Weed Be Gone, a little less expensive than Round 

Up, on the weeds and the grass in the driveway, in and around the flower beds in the front

and the southwest flower bed in the back. The other weeds, mostly wire weeds, I dug up 

and threw into the fire pit in the back located maybe 30 feet west of the southeast corner

flower bed. At one point I soaked the dried weeds in the fire pit with gas and it burned for

awhile, but fire cannot burn dirt, so I'll have to separate the dried weeds from the dirt 

before I try burning it again. I'm finally starting to sow grass seed again. My first 2 

attempts to sow grass seed ended with the seed dying in late fall of last year and early 

spring of this year because of the cold weather.

I quit about 4:30 PM, went into the house to shower and then drove to Orrville for 

somethings that the house and I needed and then again to Dravenstot's for takeout.

**Today. Besides publishing my blog, a postcrossing and another video of Bill's funeral, I

plan to work on sowing the Scott's Commercial Grass Seed I have, dig up more weeds that

I didn't spray weed killer on yesterday and separate more plants, dig up and replant those 

I want elsewhere or those that have just outgrown their space. 

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 84° with thunderstorms and I hope 

the thunderstorms will come our way. God's rain is always better than me watering the 

plants and flowers. 



**"Something else I don't do but Father did was to...." race to the scene of a fire, car 

accident or other emergency when he heard the sirens. He may have had a police scanner,

but I don't remember that. I remember 1 incident, if I remember correctly, when Father,

Roland and I went to the scene of a car accident on Spring Creek Road. We were observing

a car wreck at the end of Jordan Stretch going towards Bridgewater. Sadly, we heard at the 

scene that the driver was dead and that he was racing his brother who would find out later

about the death of his brother. 

As I told you the other day, I need to tell all I remember so that my memory of Father 

doesn't disappear from my mind. And I did type this in 1 of my earlier blogs: my father 

hummed to the tune of "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)" by Hank Williams and tried to yodel. 

Unlike Mother who preferred hymns and reading her Bible, Father, like me, liked country 


Father, like Mother, liked to help people. I remember vaguely the Bridgewater/Stokesville

Flood of 1949. At that time we lived in Dayton and I was about 7 years old. I remember 

Father leaving the house to help those people affected by the flood, but that's all I 

remember. Since then the Army Corp of Engineers have built bunkers on the west side of

Bridgewater to hold back any rising water from the south fork of the Shenandoah River 

and the affected area in Stokesville, really a part of Bridgewater, is host to a mini golf 

course. I know this because I've walked these areas many times.

I was told that Father also liked to .... and I'll tell you about that tomorrow....


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