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"Is carpentry a holy vocation because of Joseph of the Bible having the same life's work?"

Forrest Caricofe

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the same life's work?"


**Yesterday. I went outdoors about 2:00 PM after publishing my daily blog, it raining 

almost all morning with scattered thunderstorms. Another downpour after I was out 

caused me to stand under the peach tree in the southwest flower bed for about 10 

minutes. I then got to work sowing Scotts's Commercial Grass Seed and then sowing the 

the beaded Weed and Seed that promises, for 3 months, to kill almost all weeds, but not 

the grass.

I went back into the house about 5:00 PM to shower, dress and then drive to Orrville to

Family Dollar to purchase sunscreen and to Save A Lot to buy a bag of spring mix of 

greens. I then drove to Taco Bell and Dravenstotts' for takeout.

**Today. I always have a plan for the day with also plans B, C, etc. if plan A doesn't work 

out. I believe it is more efficient and you can get more done than if you are just living for

the moment. My plan A for today is to:

1.  Publish this blog I'm working on right now: 7:35 AM 7/23/2017 EDT.

2.  Publish a postcrossing. 

3.  Publish and share 1 of 2 videos that I've produced of the flower gardens from YouTube.

4.  I need to shave. I don't like to shave. Maybe it's because I had to shave so often while I

was in the military. But if I don't shave, at least every 3 days, it hurts when I shave.

5.  Sow more grass seed and Weed and Feed. It will take about 3 hours to complete what I

want to accomplish. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 84° and scattered

thunderstorms, so I hope that I'll have time to do what I just said between the scattered

thunderstorms from Heaven.

6.  I need to go to Lowes in Wooster at some point in time. I'm still looking for a 

discounted perennial fern. I can separate the fern in maybe 8 parts which is enough to 

plant 2 in each of the shaded parts of the  4 flower beds in the back. It's difficult to 

separate a fern, I usually use a hatchet or a saw, I'll just have to work at it until it's done.

I know I'll remember other things I need to do during this day and of the things I've listed 

or need doing that I've not listed and in the end I need to prioritize those things and 

maybe revert to somethings from plans B and C or etc.


**"I was told that Father also liked to .... and I'll tell you about that tomorrow....

watch soap oprahs on TV and I told you earlier about Father, maybe Roland, and I 

watching no fake wrestling on our, maybe 6 by 6 inch, black and white TV in our house on 

Ottobine Road.

I worked for Father on several occasions, the first that I remember digging footers with

pick, digging iron and shovel at our new house on Thompson Street in Dayton for 25 cents 

an hour. Another job that my Father had, and employed me to help him, was with VEPCO 

(Virginia Electric and Power Company). He dug ditches from telephone poles on a street or 

to most often new houses and from maybe 3 reels he and I ran the telephone, electric

line and TV cable in the ditch from the telephone to the house. Then Father did his  best 

with his backhoe to cover the ditch and then I came behind and finished up. The only time 

I remember operating the backhoe was at Natural Chimneys' because, maybe, my Father's

back pain was getting worse. The job at Natural Chimneys' was much the same as at the 

houses, digging a ditch with the backhoe, placing the telephone, electric and TV lines into

ditch and then covering them up with the backhoe and by hand. The only difference here 

was when I pulled back and up with a load of river rock and dirt and to the right or left to

dump, the river rock from the south fork of the Shenandoah River from long ago fell 

downward and filled the ditch by about 1/3 again. The last thing I remember is driving the

truck and backhoe over the mountain to Luray to someone who had bought it from my 

Father. I remember him saying in the morning "I'm all stoved up," so I believe that it was 

his painful back that caused him to sell his truck and backhoe.

Like all of us as we increase in years of living our health declines and so it was with Father. 



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