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"A rebellious son is a burden to a stay-at-home Father."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. Of all 6 tasks I listed, I only accomplished 3. I published my daily blog, I 

shaved and I sowed grass seed and Weed and Feed. 

I went back indoors about 5:30 PM to shower and dress and then drove to Orrville to Taco

Bell and Dravenstots' for takeout.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 75°, 10° cooler than 

yesterday, with partly cloudy skies. With no rain in the forecast I should be able to plant 

the bulbs and spread the pearl black much that I've been thinking about, but that's been 

all I've been doing is thinking about it. I'll also need to water the flower beds this evening.

The other 3 things that I listed to do and didn't do yesterday, I hopefully can 

accomplish today: publish a video, publish a postcrossing and drive to Lowes in Wooster. 

I also need to go to Walmart while I'm there to buy a glass jar of Kimchi. I've been using 

that on my salad each evening along with 50% spinach, 50% spring mix, fermented 

sauerkraut, green olives, Dona Maria Tender Cactus, pickled mixed vegetables, 1/4 slab

of smoked baby back ribs that I heat in the microwave for 1 minute and use as a side 

dish and then fermented yogurt for dessert. While I'm eating I usually watch 1 of those 

Investigation ID programs on TV for an hour or so, then going to bed about 9:00 PM.



**"Like all of us as we increase in years of living our health declines and so it was with 

Father. He...." he moaned with aches and pains, just like me, as a result of beating his body

up in overextending himself in working all those years. The only time I can remember him

resting some was when he was a superintendent with the county and a major construction

company in checking the quality of workmanship that was being done for/by both. He also

rested some when he contracted the mumps, chicken pox or measles, I don't remember 

which, but spent that time isolated building a playpen for 1 of us 4 kids, possibly me? 

My Father never learned to cook for himself, believing that the man of the house should 

earn a living for the family and the wife should do the cooking. But Mother with her 

parents, my grandparent's Cline, in the Bridgewater Nursing Home, got a job there and 

Father was left to prepare something to eat for himself. He ate potted meat, those little 

wieners in a can and other things that were convenient and added to the cholesterol in his 

body. I believe that he was told by a doctor that he needed heart bypass surgery, but 

instead chose a local quack who convinced Father if a solution was run through his veins 

his cholesterol would disappear. I believe that maybe Jerry tried to change his mind, but 

Father was very persistent at times. 

I believe, in part, that I was responsible for the heart attack that killed my Father....


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