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"A close relative often influences a younger one."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. Of the 6 taskes I listed 2 days ago, I now have accomplished all but 1. That is

to publish a postcrossing. The other 2 of the 6 I accomplished were to go to Lowes in 

Wooster and publish a video. 

At Lowes I purchased 3 discounted perennials and with my veteran's discount I paid about 

$12. I now have most of the perennials that Lowes has on their discounted shelves, but 

I'm still looking for a discounted perennial fern that I've not seen yet. I then drove to 

Walmart where I purchased a bag of Weed and Feed on sale for $25 plus tax, the last time 

I purchased this product it cost me about $45. I also bought some other things that I 

needed, then drove to Hartzlers' someone telling me that they my have Kimchi for sale. I 

had never been there before and on the outside in big letters it said Ice Cream Shoppe. I 

went in and in the cooler I found Kombucha, a tea, 1 of the 7 fermented foods I typed 

about several days ago. Its' taste is similar to cider and better tasting than the other 3 

fermented foods that I have.  I now have 4 of the 7 and may have to order the remaining 3 


The video I published was of the front flower beds and the yard.

No rain, so I watered the flower beds in early evening.

**Today. Besides publishing my daily blog I'm working on, I need to publish a video of 

the back flower beds and the yard and a postcrossing that tells about someone who sent to 

me a picture postcard from Melun, France.

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 74° and partly cloudy skies with my 

Acurite Weather Gauge displaying a present temperature of 63°, a barometric pressure of 

30.04 and no moon tonight. 

All of us in the house can't get rid of the clogged sinuses, sneezing and coughing, so we 

finally decided to go to see Dr. Kwok and we have an appointment at 4:00 PM. I should 

have plenty of time before then to plant the 3 discounted perennials I purchased at Lowes

and to sow more grass and Weed and Feed and shower and dress. In the next few days I 

hope to have time to spread the 13-13-13 fertilizer on the flower beds and the yard that 

I've had for a while.


**"I believe, in part, that I was responsible for the heart attack that killed my Father...."

I've told you a lot about my Uncle Paul, my Father's youngest brother who was also

rebellious in his own way and likened by some to me, although he was somewhat more 

estranged from the family circle than me because of his behavior. There were differences

between Uncle Paul and me. He continued to drink until cirrhosis of the liver took his life,

I stopped drinking 30 years ago. Because of his drinking, mainly, he became a burden to 

my Father and and his siblings. Although he was isolated from his family he continued,

like my Father, to remain in the area of his birth. And that was another difference between 

us, I was not afraid to travel, alone, to faraway places. This is 1 reason that I believe added 

to the early death of my Father. I can't remember the dates exactly. Maybe the late spring 

of 1963. I had decided to hitchhike to New Orleans with $20 in my pocket and Father, 

much like me today, tears flowing and Mother not a tear but probably thinking to herself in 

wishing me a grand adventure. 

I remember 2 motorists that picked me up, 1 in the darkness of the night and 1 in daylight.

In the darkness a young man picked me up and....


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