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"What troubles we have with a rebellious son."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I left off telling you about my appointment with Dr. Kowk because of 

my cold/bronchitis like symptoms. He diagnosed my illness as bronchitis and had 1 of

the 2 Jessica's' give to me 2 shots in the upper buttocks, 1 a steroid immunization as 

well as a breathing treatment. He also prescribed Cefdinir 300 mg capsule and Prednisone, 

a medication that is diffucult to take because of its' abnormal directions. It says on the 

bottle "take 4 tablets by mouth daily for 2 days, then 3 for 2 days, then 2 for 2 days and 

then 1 for 2 days." I'm certainly not lazy, but I usual take 2 a day until they're gone. I also 

requested a poop kit that I hope can replace the dreaded colonoscopy I have to endure 

every 2 years or so. The kit is called Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Test made by 

Consult Diagnostics and distributed by McKesson Medical-Surgical, Richmond, Virginia.

I need to have 2 samples and since I poop once a day in the morning, I'll be able to obtain 

1 sample this morning and 1 tomorrow morning.

I then drove to Rite Aid in Orrville for prescription medications and to China Buffet for 


I did manage to publish a video of my video of the back flower beds and I showed you on

the video how to eat a raw egg. I was finally able to publish a postcrossing along with a

picture postcard of vineyards in France. 

After returning to the house I went outdoors to water the flower beds and the yard.

**Today. Same as yesterday. Publish my daily blog, publish a postcrossing of someone who

has sent to me a picture postcard who lives in China and publish a video of a recent visit to

Dollar General. 

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 82°, partly cloudy skies with no rain 

until Friday. I hopefully will have time to go outdoors and plant the 3 perennials, plant the 

bulbs and spread the pearl black mulch that I've ignored for so long. There are also weeds 

in the southeast corner flower bed that I need to dig up and place in the fire pit to let dry

before burning.


**"I remember 2 motorists that picked me up, 1 in the darkness of the night and 1 in 

daylight. In the darkness a young man picked me up and...." who had some beer in his 

vehicle. I don't remember the states we were in, but he said that he had to hide the beer 

beside the road because the next state didn't allow booze. 

The next man who picked me up said that he needed help driving to Houston and so I 

complied and to this day never traveling to New Orleans. With the $20 I must have rented

a room at the YMCA at first and then finding later on a boarding house run by 2 elderly 

ladies for $15 a week, about 10 men to a room sleeping on cots and 3 meals a day, 7 days

a week and if you had work, a packed lunch. During all this time I didn't inform my family 

as to where I was at. I was able to get day work for a while by sitting in the Texas State 

Employment Commission, but employers were reluctent to hire men of my age group

because of the military draft. I finally found a fulltime job working for a water bottling 

company, but quit later on because of a conflict with the employer. During this same, still

not informing my parents of my whereabouts, I attended a VIP's parade on the main street 

in Houston. The VIP's were....


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