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27 July 17 - 1131 EDT - blog - My Father


"Oh, the troubles we have with a wayward son."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my blog of the day and the video of the back flower beds 

and yard, I went to Wooster to leave off a poop sample of Ryan's to his receptionist, 

Elizabeth III. I call her that because Elizabeth II lives in England. I started my webcam 

before that, videoing/audioing all that was said, but not trying to show faces. I stopped 

once at the gift shop to buy 2 packs of crackers with peanut butter, like I always do, 

costing $1 at 50 cents each. When leaving, a lady in a car with a young man beside her 

said to me "I have someone who is suicidal, where is the emergency room." The video is 

quite long, maybe 21 minutes, and I will, hopefully, publish that video/audio on YouTube 


I finally accomplished a lot in the mostly southeast corner flower bed. I dug or pulled up

with roots wire weeds, a few isolated rag weeds and trimmed the vines of the morning

glories. I planted the 3 perennials I've been typing about and spread 1 of the 2 bags of black

pearl mulch that I had laid at this flower bed. The other bag is at the southwest corner 

flower bed which looks like an outdoor patio that I've built out of a junk pile with stepping 

stones and with rocks piled high paralleling the corn and soybean fields. You can probably 

see this in my 2nd recent video of the back flower beds and the yard.

I later drove to Wooster to Drug Mart for wild bird seed, half price weed killer and to 

Arby's for takeout. 

It was late when I returned to the house, so I didn't water the flower beds, hoping they 

will hold out until tomorrow.

**Today. I failed to publish a postcrossing yesterday, but it's almost ready, so I plan to do

that today. Besides publishing the postcrossing, publishing 1 video and my daily blog, I 

plan to plant the flower bulbs which will not grow this year because of late planting, but 

I should be able to see their awesome beauty in spring or early summer. I'll spread the 

remaining bag of black pearl mulch in the back southwest patio flower bed and I need,

when I'm at Lowes again, to purchase about 10 more bags of this mulch at a cost of about

$50. It consistency is much like a black powder and should remain in place better than the

normal mulch. 

I also need to drive to Orrville to Rite Aid for prescription medications and to Save A Lot 

for tomatoes which I place on my morning sardine or salmon sandwich. 

Later this evening I'll drive somewhere for takeout and then back to the house to water 

the flower beds because of no rain forecasted until tomorrow.


**"During this same, still not informing my parents of my whereabouts, I attended a VIP's 

parade on the main street in Houston. The VIP's were...." President John Fitzgerald 

Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in the back seat of the black 

presidential open limousine  and Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife, 

Lady Bird, in the front seat. And most of you know what happened the next day in Dallas. 

President Kennedy and his wife as before sat in the back seat of the limousine and this 

time Texas Governor John Connolly and his wife, Nellie, sat in the front seat. Nellie 

Connolly, the First Lady of Texas, turned around to the President, who was sitting behind 

her, and commented, ""Mr. President, you can't say Dallas doesn't love you," which 

President Kennedy acknowledged by saying "No, you certainly can't."" Those were the 

last words ever spoken by John F. Kennedy (Wikipedia).

President Kennedy was either assassinated from shots from a window in the Texas School 

Book Depository building by Lee Harvey Oswald or from the bank parallel to the 

cavalcade. Did Vice-President Johnson want to be President bad enough? Think about it. A 

10 month Warren Commission investigation found that Oswald the lone shooter. 

United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded in 1979 that 

Kennedy was "probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy", possible 2 people as the 

shooters," (Wikipedia).

Most all of us were upset with the assassination of 1 our most favorite presidents, so I 

went into a bar that night to, in part, to drink away some of the tragedy that had occurred 

that day in Dallas. There was an unknown woman beside me as the jukebox began to play 

Rickey Nelson's 'Baby Face.' She looked my way, pointed and said baby face meaning to 

me at the time that she thought I had a baby face. I went after her, but 2 men pulled me 

away from her and out of the bar. That is the first time I every came even close to hitting a 


Still not letting my family know of my whereabouts, I got a job putting toys together with 

Sears & Roebuck before Christmas. 

After that I got on a Trailways or Greyhound and went to Los Angeles and just after that I

believe my parents were notified of my address. But who informed them?....


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