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"Can a son be forgiven from Heaven?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I drove to Orrville early, about 9:00 AM, to Rite Aid which almost seems like a

daily occurrence to pickup prescription medications for myself that Dr. Kwok had ordered

for my bronchitis that included a slight sore throat, sinus congestion and persistent cough.

I'm feeling better not having an illness like this in I say 15 years more or less. Because of 

what I eat and daily physical and mental exercise, I believe I'm in pretty good health for

my age. 

After publishing my daily blog, a video and a postcrossing, I went outdoors to begin 

mowing. My usual habit is to mow the front yard first, then only outline the back if Ryan is

available to help me. In outlining the back there is a short width between the corn field and

the flower bed behind the fire and this time I knocked over 1 cornstalk. After Ryan took 

over the mowing, I replanted the cornstalk, planted 2 flower bulbs, did some weeding and 

spread the 1 bag of pearl black mulch. I quit about 5:00 PM, showered and dressed and

drove to Wooster to Arby's for takeout. I always leave a tip at Arbys', $1 for the person 

who waits on me and $1 for the cook. Arby's is one of the rare places that allow their 

employees to accept tips and I tip because I like to. The one waiting on me said that the 

bacon was frying and said it would be about 15 minutes. I said that's fine, but after I gave 

out the tips the same person said it would be about 8 minutes and gave to me a cup for a 

free drink. It is amazing to me sometimes of what a simple act of tipping can do.

**Today. I have an appointment to see Dr. Steiner at the Wooster Eye Clinic at 11:00 AM.

I have glaucoma which requires that I see an eye doctor ever 3 or 4 months to check the 

pressure in my eyes and to maybe check my peripheral vision. Glaucoma has destroyed part 

of my peripheral vision and I need to have the pressure checked in both eyes, the pressure 

never going above 18. I take drops in both eyes in the morning and at night to prevent this 

from happening. I also have cataracts in both eyes and when they become large enough 

Medicare part B will pay to have them removed. I believe that with this operation I'll be 

able to drive again at night. 

The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 77° with scattered thunderstorms. 

When I drove to Arbys' in Wooster yesterday they had rain, but we did not have rain at the 

house after checking the grass for wetness. Hopefully we'll get some of God's rain today 

which is always much better than me watering the flower beds and the yard with the 

water hose.

Since I'm driving to Wooster for my appointment which is close to Lowes and Walmart, I'll

also drive to both purchasing 3 bags of pearl black mulch and a few discounted perennial 

plants. At Walmart I need a glass bottle of Dona Maria Tender Cactus and some other 

things that I can't remember for right now.

Besides this blog that I'm typing right now, I have a short video and a postcrossing about 

a person who sent me a picture postcard from Indonesia to publish and share. 

In between raindrops from Heaven, I hope to spread the 1 bag of pearl black mulch that 

I've had and the 3 that I purchase today and to plant the remaining flower bulbs.


**"After that I got on a Trailways or Greyhound and went to Los Angeles and just after 

that I believe my parents were notified of my address. But who informed them?...."

My brother, Roland, hitchhiked to Los Angeles and found me. Did he inform my parents of

my whereabouts or did the Harrisonburg, Virginia Draft Board find out somehow? I'm 

more than a little mixed up on the time and circumstances, but I did get a good job before

this after going door-to-door selling candy and some other jobs I don't remember. It was

with the Southern Pacific Railroad, a union company, and I made a whopping $1.75 an 

hour, a excellent hourly wage for that time period (1964).

I've been told that I was gone for over 2 years without my parents knowing where I was 

at, but I believe, if I'm figuring correctly, it was less than that. I told you I left home 

hitchhiking in the late spring of 1963, maybe the last of May. President Kennedy was 

assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time who I saw 

the day before, so that's a total of about 6 months. I was drafted in November of 1964 

while working at the Southern Pacific Railroad. That's a total of about 1 year. So I was 

gone about 1 year and 6 months without my parents knowing where I was at. I still didn't 

go home. I probably didn't have enough money to go home and certainly would not have 

my parents to provide it, so I transferred my draft board status from Harrisonburg, Virginia 

to Los Angeles and was drafted from there. I along with other draftees were flown to Ft. 

Polk, Louisiana for basic training for about 6 or 8 weeks, so that's about 2 months so the 

total was about 1 year and 8 months of not going home. After graduation from basic 

training I....


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