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29 July 17 - 0850 EDT - My parents and the hollow woman.


"There ain't nothing like being home again."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my daily blog and video, I drove to Wooster to keep my 

appointment with Wooster Eye Center. They did an extensive examination of both eyes

because of my glaucoma, my doctor saying that my cataracts were large enough to be 

surgical removed. We agreed to remove the left eye cataract, then he gave to me the 

normal possible worse results that could happen such as bleeding, slow healing and a 

possibly scratching an eye during the procedure. My doctor's name is on the bottom of the 

list on the sign upon entering the entering the parking lot, he being the youngest and I 

trust him the most because the more elderly eye doctors, 4 others, at their age tend 

torwards palsy. The office staff and technicians were all friendly and all women and I was 

delighted to converse with them all. At the checkout I paid $28 for a refraction that 

Medicare Part B does not pay for. As I went to and sat in the Honda, I had to wait awhile 

because of the drops that were placed in my eyes twice that caused me to have blurred 

vision. While sitting in the car I produced 3 videos, 9 for the day, the 3 should be available 

for your viewing today. The remainder of the day in Wooster at Lowes and Walmart should

be mostly shown in the remaining 6 videos that I'll publish from YouTube during the next

several days. 

When I returned to the house, I drove the Honda through the yard to dump off the 3 bags

of pearl black mulch at the southeastern and southwestern flower beds, hung a new bird

feeder that I had purchased and filled all 3 bird feeders that I have near or in 3 different 

flower beds.

**Today. Beside publishing my daily blog that I'm working on right now, I plan to publish

3 videos and a postcrossing from the past that I missed in my email inbox. 

The slight cold like symptoms that I had have mostly disappeared, but I believe I still need 

to take all of the prescription medications prescribed by Dr. Kwok until it's gone.

The weather calls for high and low temperatures of 75° and 57° with partly cloudy skies

and my Acurite Weather Gauge just now mirrors the same low temperature of 57°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.83 with a quarter moon phase tonight. 

After driving to Orrville to Rite Aid for a prescription medication and to Save A Lot for 

drinking water, water softener salt and mixed greens for my nightly salad, I'll go out to the

yard and the flower beds to weed, spread the 4 bags of pearl black mulch and plant the 4

discounted plants I purchased at Lowes as well as the remaining flower bulbs.


**"so that's about 2 months so the total was about 1 year and 8 months of not going 

home. After graduation from basic training I...." got on a Trailways or Greyhound Bus 

headed northeast towards home in Dayton. The only thing I remembered about this 

journey was of an older slim woman who spoke the English language of the hollow people.

She invited me to sat beside on the aisle seat maybe because I was dressed in my army 

dress uniform. It took me awhile to understand her hollow talk and was elated to 

eventually understand her. I didn't know it then, but I would eventually graduate from

college with a degree in Sociology and would become a social worker in the hollows of 

of Stanley, Virginia. 

The bus pulled in at night as I remember to the bus stop at the truck stop at the north end 

of Harrisonburg on U. S. Route 11. There was someone at the truck stop who either knew 

me or because I was in uniform, offered to drive me to my home in Dayton. I believe, if my 

memory is correct, it was the green house facing west on main street where the man left

me off. I thanked him and went to the front door and I probably knocked because I don't 

remember if I told my parents that I was coming back home. After knocking the door was

opened by....



**I haven't typed about the news for awhile, but I also besides you, need to keep myself 

informed of what's going on in this country and the world.

1.   This first news story from The New Yorker by By Ryan Lizza, July 27, 2017, relates the 

appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to White House Communications Director by President 

Trump and reporting to President Trump only. It also relates the resignation of Press 

Secretary, Sean Spicer who has been replaced by Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. 

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has been fired or forced to resign by President 

Trump and the president's appointment to this position is retired Marine Gen. John Kelly 

and former Secretary of Homeland Security.

"The new White House communications director has become obsessed with leaks and 

threatened to fire staffers if he discovers that they have given unauthorized information to 


Both Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon have been accused of leaking information to 


Warning!! This article is not for children or adults who do not believe in cussing. It 

contains the worst cuss words in the English language.


2.   The Republican conservatives are holding out hope for passage of the new health care 

plan and are moving towards working on tax reform.

3.   US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland is first to announce his intentions to challenge 

President Trump for president in 2020.

4.   South Korea plans, along with the United States, a massive build up of an anti-defense

missile system in response to North Korea's actions.

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