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"Do those we know in Heaven forgive us for what we did to them on earth?"

Forrest Caricofe

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on earth?"


**Yesterday. After publishing my daily blog and 2 videos, I drove to Orrville in the morning 

to Dollar General for drinking water (our dog Dolly Jo and I drink well water), to Rite Aid 

for a prescription medication and to Save A Lot for a bag of 50% spinach, 50% mixed 

greens and some other things that I needed. As I drive north from Rite Aid to Save A Lot, I 

drive on a short street that runs through the J. M. Smucker Company parking lot for office

and factory workers. Orrville is the headquarters for Smuckers and employs over 2,000 

people at this location I've been told with factories and offices all over the world. If you 

you receive a prepared jelly packet at a restaurant it may be from Smuckers and have J. M.

Smucker Company, Orrville, Ohio, 44667 printed on the packet. As I drove through the 

parking lot I noticed there were few cars and then realized today was Saturday.

After returning to the house I went outdoors to plant the 4 discounted plants and spread

the 3 bags of pearl black mulch I bought at Lowes. 

I later drove to Bell Stores Marathon for gas for the lawn mower and to China Buffet for 


**Today. After publishing my daily blog and maybe publishing 2 videos, I need to catch up

on my mailings of picture postcards. I went to the postcrossing web site last evening and 

requested an address and they gave to me an address from someone who lives in New 

Zealand. I probably have about 7 more that I'm allowed to send and I need to start on that 


I'll hopefully have time to drive to Wooster to Lowes again for some discounted plants and

at least 4 bags of pearl black mulch. It's difficult to load more than 3 bags in the Honda,

but I have 4 major flower beds in the front that I need to spread the mulch on, having 

covered the 4 major flower beds in the back yesterday. I still looking for a discounted 

perennial fern and if Lowes doesn't have 1 today, I might go ahead and pay the full price.

I have 3 tomato plants in the southeast flower garden. One is a yellow variety that I plant 

in memory of Mother who liked yellow tomatoes because they contain less acid. Another

is a roma and I have eaten 3 tomatoes from that plant so far. The 3rd is a I don't know, so

I'll just have to wait and see. 

The weather forecast calls for a high and low temperature of 84°and 59° with sunny skies,

my Acurite Weather Gauge, just to my right where I'm standing typing, mirrors the low 

temperature of 59°, a barometric pressure of 29.98 and a half moon tonight. 

I hope to have time to plant any plants I may buy, spread the pearl black mulch on the 

front 4 flower beds and prepare the picture postcard for mailing to New Zealand. 

I also need to water the flower beds and drive somewhere for takeout.


**"I probably knocked because I don't remember if I told my parents that I was coming 

back home. After knocking the door was opened by...." I don't remember who answered 

my knock because it was so long ago (1965). Perhaps my Father or Mother or 1 of my 

brothers or my sister. I do remember that we sat at the dinning or kitchen table talking 

about things I don't remember. I don't know how long I stayed, but I did know that I had

military orders to go to Fort Gordon, Georgia for MP (Military Police) training and I did not 

know it then, but I would receive further orders after MP training to go by troop ship to 

South Korea to work as a sentry dog handler at a missile site about an hour east of Osan.

Why am I telling of these events? I was told by someone that my Father said that his hair 

had turned grey while I was gone not informing my parents if I was dead or alive. I don't

believe my Mother worried because her answer to worries was to pray. 

When I looked back with me along side of my life with my Father, guilt seems to be my 

almost constant companion because of what I did.

I never ask my Father or my Mother for forgiveness for what I did while we where on 

earth together, are they forgiving me now, they being in Heaven and I still remaining here 

on earth??

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