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31 July 17 - 1007 EDT - shortie012349


"Are Adam and Eve our long lost relatives?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After my normal publishing's of the day, 2 blogs (1 a postcrossing) and 2 

videos I drove to Wooster to Lowes and Walmart. During this time I produced 4 more 

videos which I should have ready for your viewing in the next couple of days. At Lowes I 

purchased 4 bags of pearl black mulch and 4 discounted plants, 1 an annual, where I 

produced 1 video. I then drove east over U. S. Route 83 (Burbank Road) to Walmart about 

2 miles away. In Walmart at the deli I got 5 potato wedges like I normally do to eat while 

I'm shopping. I had a list of things that were needed, but you know how that goes, I got

about twice the number of items that I needed. I placed in my cart a dozen eggs which 

cost 48 cents, unbelievable, 2 bags of 6 boiled eggs at $1.97 each, a carton of Caffeine Free

Diet Coke at at about $5 and 2 tied together with plastic matching the same as above at 

$3.28 a piece which use to cost $3.00. The items that were not on the list were a bag of 

wild bird seed, my potato wedges, of course, a small apple pie on the shelves that "we 

made too much" at 42 cents which usual contains too much cornstarch and few apples and

some other items that I do not remember. 

After returning to the house and unloading the Honda, I drove through the yard to dump 

the 4 bags of mulch at the appropriate flower beds in the front. I then went to the back 

flower beds on the mower and planted 3 of the 4 plants that I had purchased at Lowes.

I then watered the the 4 flower beds in the back trying to water only at their bases so as 

not to shock the plants too much from being warm from the heat of the day to being cold 

from the cold watering from my water hose. 

I later drove to Orrville to Subway for takeout and then back to the house to shower, 

dress, prepare and eat my salad and then to bed.

**Today. I've been thinking the last several days about the videos I produce in Walmart, 

Lowes and other stores. Is it illegal? If so I've not been confronted or arrested yet, 

although the other day in Walmart, I saw 1 of the employees looking straight at my 

webcam. When producing these videos I try to avoid showing faces and not showing 

anything from the waist up on men and nothing on the women from the top of their heads 

to their shoes. YouTube has an option to blur faces and if I suspect a video shows a face or

faces, I use that option.

My normal way of handling a possible confrontation is to plead innocence of the rule and 

then say I'm sorry. Of all the videos I've produced in Walmart and Lowes, it looks like they

would pay me to advertise?

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 83° and 59° with mostly 

sunny skies. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a temperature of 73°, a barometric 

pressure of 30.07 and a half moon tonight. No rain until Tuesday and Wednesday, and 

because of today's weather I should have time to spread the 4 bags of pearl black mulch,

plant the 1 remaining perennial I have left from yesterday, spray some weed killer and then 

water the flower beds in late evening making sure not to wash off the weed killer.

I need to to phone Wooster Eye Center to schedule my cataract surgery on my left eye, 

drive to Dolly Jo's veterinarian on Kidron Road for a worm and flea powder and drive to 

Dollar General for sunscreen.  


**"I received a email message several days ago from that I thought was 

quite funny and I need to tell you about that. It was from shortie012349. The link was:

<br/><br/><a href="




style="text-decoration:underline;">View the match</a>

So I clicked on the link to View Message:

"I have recently had my DNA tested and it shows that I am highly likely related to you, but 

you have no family tree. Can we start one?"

shortie012349 wanted a reply, but I didn't know what to tell him so I left her/him no 


Of course I have no family tree other than what I know about because my AncestryDNA 

analysis is not completed yet and I want to know what nationalities make up my family 

history and not a specific person who is in it.

I know you can't use the M word anymore, but there are not any short people in our family 

tree except for some of the women who are normally shorter than men. Well, except for 

my Aunt Esther who along with my Uncle Orvin had 3 boys, Franklin, Leroy and Louis, 

Louis having the same birth-date as mine (October 27) and none of the 3 boys were short. 

One of my father's favorite sayings, like mine, was "what the hell is going on?" when he 

was confronted with a situation he didn't understand. 

I have about 21 first cousins if I'm figuring right and I can't keep up with their lives so I 

don't need anymore cousins, I've got enough to last me for the rest of my life.


*8:54 AM 7/31/2017 EDT.  "Tropical Storm Emily Forms Off Florida Gulf Coast, Fifth 

Named Storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season; Warning Issued."

The Weather Channel, 23m ago.

**As I told you before, my Uncle E. C. and Aunt Ruth, my brother, Roland, and my 

youngest brother, Jerry and his wife, Janet, have homes in Lake Wales, Florida, a gated 

community. From what I know my Uncle E. C. and Aunt Ruth are at their home in Weyers

Cave, Virginia, Roland is visiting in Maine according to his eldest daughter Nicole, and 

Jerry and Janet are either at their home in North Carolina, at their 2 homes in Dayton, 

Virginia, 1 of which they purchased from Mother or visiting their son, Chris, in or near 

Cheasapeake, Virginia. 

Just because they're safe doesn't mean I'm not concerned about the people who live there.

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