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"Old age is only a matter of how you look at it."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my blog and 1 video, I spent most of the rest of the day in 

the house reviewing videos I might choose to encode in Handbrake and upload to 


Our refrigerator stopped working so I drove to Orrville to Bell Stores gas station for ice.

Later in the day, I drove to Orrville, their parade was in progress, to purchase sausage 

sandwiches and fair fries for takeout. I had to park about a mile away, the walking I could

add to my daily exercise. 

After driving back to the house, I went outdoors to plant all of the plants including the 

scrubs that I purchased on sale at Walmart. The plants were suffering from the heat of the

day so I gave them a good soaking. I also dug up and replanted several plants that I 

remembered needing morning sun and none in the afternoon or evening.

**Today. There are a few more videos that I need to review and either use or just delete.

I haven't produced any videos for several days, but when Josie is free to join me, we have 

several good ideas such as dancing in duo to free music from YouTube. I also have several 

ideas about producing several videos alone such as a followup to the Shepard's dog that 

you may have seen on YouTube. 

I produced a video of me sitting in the Honda and playing a Jerry Lee Lewis song on my 

disc player, and after uploading, YouTube said that it was a copyright issue. I just deleted 

the video from my playlist. 

This all may take some time, so you may not see any videos from me in the next several 


I haven't visited my Facebook page for awhile, so I need to respond to my notifications 

and friend requests.

The forecast for today calls for high and low temperatures of 86° and 67° with partly

cloudy skies and the chance for rain tomorrow and Friday. I have at least 3 hours of 

weeding the flower beds and spraying weed killer and need to do that today.

8:22 AM 7/5/2017 EDT. Just received a phone call from Lowes saying that the new 

refrigerator would be delivered between 10:00 and 11:30 AM.


**I'm having a little more trouble remembering yesterdays as I once did. Is this part of my 

aging process along with a few more physical ailments? Why does this happen when I eat

nutricious food and exercise better than those in my own age group do? Is it because I 

inherit these mental maladies from my forefathers? I know you can't live forever. Should I 

just accept the fact that my afflictions will only get worse instead of better? Sure I should.

But I will not take it lying down, I will continue to stand moving forward with goals and a

positive attitude for the future as if I would live a thousand years or more.

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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