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"God always looks with favor on a good Samaritan."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After my publishing's, I finally, finally fixed the scanner. It's about time, 

Forrest. And to beat it all, I don't remember how I did it. No matter, Forrest, it's working 

for now and you were able to scan the 9 picture postcards, and you can later edit in 

Snapfish and upload to postcrossing and other social media sites. 

You wrote on the postcards and addressed the envelopes (1 person didn't want their

postcard in an envelope), so you need to place a business card, a dime and penny in to the

envelopes, except that 1, and they'll be ready for mailing. 

And you drove to Orrville for takeout at the China Buffet and when you came back you 

watered the flower beds because of no rain that was predicted. Not bad for 1 day, Forrest.

Yes, I guess you're right.

**Today. You'll need to finish your publishing's, mail the 9 postcards, produce a video, do 

some weeding, spray some weed killer, spread the 2 bags of pearl black mulch, take down 

the American garden size flags and begin to mow the lawn and you may have driving 

duties. Seems like a lot for 1 day, Forrest. I can handle it.

It's calling for thunderstorms again today and high and low temperatures of 84°and 63°,

Forrest. I hope you get the rain so you'll get a break from watering the flower beds. I 

hope so too, sir. 

8:01 AM 7/7/2017 EDT. You've just produce 3 videos. Well done, Forrest. Thank you, sir.

But I think I'll just publish 1 each day. That's fine. 


**I saw a woman and a man in Rite Aid the other day who both had canes needed for 

balancing and walking. They both appeared to still be unsteady and I offered assistance as

I've been taught to do. The said thanks in unison, but said that they'd be all right. After 

spending sometime in the store to get some prescription medications and purchase some 

bags of chips with a lot of of salt, I left the store through the automatically opening doors

walking toward Bill's red Toyota pickup. I saw again the elderly couple, maybe in their 

early eighties, gently stepping down from the sidewalk on to asphalted parking lot with 

their canes in their right hands for balancing and stepping down getting set to go to their 

car. I offered my help again and they said the same thing as they said inside Rite Aid near 

the pharmacy, we thank you again, but I believe we'll be alright. The conversation between

us continued the man saying he was 95 years old and his wife said she would be 90. I was 

certainly amazed at what they both could do for their age. 

I certainly hope, if I live to that age that I, like them, look to the future with a positive 

attitude, goals for my life and a good quality of life no matter what my infirmities.

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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