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"Freedom is not free, it's earned by by brave women and men who fought to keep our 

country free." 

Forrest Caricofe

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fought to keep our country free."


**Yesterday. Besides my usual publishing's, I took down the garden size American flags 

from the front yard, sprayed weed killer, on mostly what I call pig weeds, and mowed 

most of the lawn with about about 1/2 hour of mowing yet to do before I'm finished.

**Today. Besides publishing my daily blog, I plan to mow the rest of the lawn, spray more

weed killer, divide and dig up overgrown plants and replant the divided parts, spread the 2 

bags of black pearl mulch I have and plant the remaining bulbs I had forgotten about. 

The weather forecast for today calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 61° (my 

Acurite weather gauge displays a temperature of 63° right now) with sunny skies. I did not

water the flower beds yesterday so I do need to do that this evening. 

One of the 3 videos I produced yesterday is not up to my standards, so I need to do it again

because of my too many hesitations. You'll not see a video today unless I have time and 

if not I should have a video for your viewing tomorrow.

9:13 AM 7/9/2017 EDT. I've just returned from Orrville to get money from the ATM, 

purchasing thick bologna, bananas, cherries, black grapes, my favorite, but they say the 

red are better you, at Buehler's grocery store and then drove to General Dollar for birthday 

cards, a candle with Mary of the Bible on the front and some other things that I or the 

house needed. 


**Orrville had their fireworks last night at 10:00 PM, I not staying up to watch them 

because I usually go to bed around 8:30 PM. When I went to Orrville for take out at about 

6:00 PM at the China Buffet, I could see that people were setting up to view the fireworks

with blankets and chairs upon the ground. From the house you can see the fireworks 

which is about 3 miles distance from Orrville. I told you that I saw part of the Orrville 

parade on July 4th when I drove to Orrville for super steak, sausage sandwiches

and fair fries at Bob's Concession at the carnival.

Once you've seen the best in parades, the rest are trivial in comparison. 

The best parade I ever saw was in Papillion, Nebraska and I have not seen an equal or a 

better one since. The second best might have been in Omaha, Nebraska that honored Labor

Day or the one in Cleveland honoring Desert Storm soldiers. I was a participant in the 

Desert Storm parade so I don't know just how good it was to the onlookers. 

The best fireworks display was from a casino (in Iowa) across the Missouri River from 

Omaha, the river being a boundary line between Nebraska and Iowa. My 2 oldest 

grandchildren and I observed the fireworks from the banks of the wide Missouri River 

facing east toward the casino. 

From the back of my business card:

"And because of brave men and women who fought to keep this country free, we can yes

or no to anything that's asked."

Thank you.


Forrest Caricofe

And a quote from my July 4th blog:

*"I believe the essence of the Independence Day is missing. We celebrate it like any other 

holiday, which is wrong. We must celebrate our independence everyday, not just on one 

day of the year."  

Arin Paul

I know it's late in my life, but I'm going to start this very day celebrating the freedoms I 

have in this country 365 or 366 days of the year. 

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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