Monday, July 31, 2017

postcrossing - 31 July 17 - 1911 EDT - Kouvola, Finland

**The following is an email message I received from with information 

that I needed to send a postcard to someone who lives Kouvola, Finland.

And your postcard US-4796387 will go to... __________  in Finland, 4,386 miles away!

Here's the Postcard ID:


A little something about __________:

178 postcards sent, 176 received

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, German

About the recipient:

“I'm a Finnish woman who loves nature and animals especially cats! I love to take photos 

and I just love beautiful landscapes and sceneries! I'd love to "travel with postcards". So 

postcards with beautiful views would be great but all kinds of cards are welcome :) Nature, 

flowers, animals, traditional costumes, foods, maps, flags etc. My favorite color is pink so I 

love everything that's pink ;) I'm also interested in universe: stars, planets etc. So cards of 

those are very welcome also!

If you want to make me really happy send me postcards with:




-BEAUTIFUL SCENERIES (mountains, sea)

I love Jetoy cat cards <3

Cards in an envelope are fine too. I collect stamps. If you want to add a photograph, used 

stamps etc. I'd be happy.

Direct swaps are also welcome :) Just send me a message and let me know!

Nicely handmade cards are welcome but please put some effort on it. Not just stickers on a 


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


Town in Finland

"Kouvola is a town and municipality in southeastern Finland. Located on the Kymijoki River 

in Kymenlaakso region and 134 kilometres northeast of the capital, Helsinki. Wikipedia

Area: 1,108 mi². Area of Smithville, Ohio: 1.25 mi², 1.24 mi² Land / 6 acres Water.

Temperature: 62°F. Temperature here: 85°F.

Local time: Monday 11:43 PM. Smithville time: Monday 4:43 PM.

Sub-region: Kouvola sub-region. County: Wayne.

Plan a trip:

3-star hotel averaging $101.

12 h 45 min flight, from $1,812."

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