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1 Aug 17 - 0754 EDT - blog - I'm sorry.


"Your own voice recognition is almost impossible."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 552,000 results (0.84 seconds). 

No results found for "Your own voice recognition is almost impossible."


**Yesterday. Much of the morning was spent working on my daily blog, publishing about 2

videos and a postcrossing of someone I needed to mail a picture postcard who lives in

Kouvola, Finland. 

I told you that I needed to get a flea and tick preparation for our dog, Dolly Jo, who has 

been biting her skin to remove fleas. My visit to the Country Corner Animal Clinic was 

videoed/audio-ed both driving to and inside the office. The flea and tick application, buy 4 

and get 2, was a whopping $130. I asked the person taking my order how to apply it, she

saying it was simple, just open the package where a small tube was located with the 

medication, separate the hairs away from the top of Dolly Jo's spine, then squeeze the 

tube letting the medication do its' job. That's it. "A little dab will do you." My words, not 


After that I drove to Orrville to Restoration Thrift to donate some clothes and a grave 

decoration and parked in the same parking lot and went in to Family Dollar. If I'm on this

side of town I shop at Family Dollar, but if I'm on the other side of town, I shop at General

Dollar which is close to Buehler's grocery store and Ace Hardware. In Family Dollar I 

purchased Hefty 30 gallon and 13 gallon trash bags we needed and Hefty gallon and quart

slider bags for myself. I had coupons which maybe saved $4, plus I'm now saving again 

those Box Tops for Education which I'll take to the Smithville Elementary School when I 

think I have enough. I know that I'll be met at the door by a policeman or security guard, 

sadly, the September 11, 2001 attacks has caused this to happen.

I then drove to Buehlers' for a special 4 glass bottle carton of Stewart's Orange Diet drink 

at the cost of 2 for $5. 

After returning to the house and unloading my purchases with Ryan's help, it was almost 

4:00 PM so I decided not to work in the flower beds except for planting 1 plant I hadn't 

planted and then watered all flower beds from my water hose. 

Then back inside, prepare and eat my salad and then to bed.

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 62° with 

isolated thunderstorms. What's the difference between isolated thunderstorms and 

scattered thunderstorms? You got me. There is a disagreement between Google News 

Weather and my Acurite Weather Gauge, displaying a present temperature of 59° as 

opposed to the 62° from above. My Acurite also displays a barometric of 30.01 and a half 

moon tonight.

Besides my usual publishing's, I need to prepare and mail the 2 picture postcards that I've

typed about in the last 2 days, go outdoors to spread the 4 bags of pearl black mulch in the

4 major front flower beds and 3 that are much smaller and to continue the continuous

process of weeding. 

I'm probably have to drive somewhere because we always need something, plus it gives 

me a chance to produce more videos from my seat in the Honda.


**After typing "do people recognized their own voice" into the Google Search Box and 

clicking Google Search I was presented with the following:


"It's a well known fact that people can not recognize there own voice. I mean, when you 

talk, you hear you're voice in a way, but then, if you record it and then play it, you 

wouldn't even recognize it (I even experimented it to be sure and it's true). My question 

would be, I you would be in a place like a mall, and then someone plays you're voice on 

the speakers, would you know it's you?"

What I'm getting at is that I have audio-ed many voices on my YouTube videos without 

asking permission, secretly, from the one or more people that I've talked to. I have some 

guilt about what I've done and am doing in recording the voices of mostly strangers with

names not known to me. 

Whether these people can recognize their voice or not I need to make amends. 

So right now I need to apologize with a sincere nature to those people who think I may 

have committed a wrongdoing. I apologize. 

If you want me to delete the YouTube video that your voice is own, just email me at: and I'll delete it as soon as I read your email. I could just delete the 

portion of the video that you voice is on, but I don't know how to do that yet, but I'll work

on learning to do it.

Again, I'm sorry for what I have done.

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