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10 Aug 17 - 1316 EDT - blog - A waiting room full of strangers.


"Strangers are almost always friendlier than ones you know."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I published only 2 blogs, no videos or a postcrossing which I need to do 

tomorrow. I drove to Wooster to the Wooster Community Hospital, owned by the 

community like it says and not bought out by the Cleveland Clinic, Aultman Dunlap 

Hospital in Orrville, acquired by the Aultman Hospital in Canton or the Sentara Rockingham

Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, Virginia close to where I grew up. The rest is explained


After leaving Dr. Kwok's office I drove to McDonald's just catty cornered across from Drug

Mart about 2 miles south of the hospital on Beall Avenue driving through Wooster College,

speed limit 25 mph. I purchased a double quarter pounder, my favorite, with everything on 

a sesame bun and decided to eat there, not paying taxes when I told the cashier that it was 

to go. Governor Kasich and Wayne County have plenty of money but I felt bad just the 

same because I'm use to being honest. 

After driving back to the house and tired because of all the things I'd done, I still 

needed to water the flower beds and the brown places in the yard where I've sown grass 

seed. After that I went back indoors, ate a spoonful of fermented yogurt, a shot of 

fermented Kombucha tea, took my nightly prescription medications, Sarah Palin, Drop A 

Coat, Prepare for Satan, "The Miracle Pill of the Century," Turmeric Curcumin and the 

Advanced Strength Probiotic that guarantees to make you poop that I told you about 

yesterday and then my simple prayer in ten words or less, "God Bless everyone, Amen" 

and then to bed and thinking at first about what I'm going to type about tomorrow and then 

Sarah Palin took over and I was out like a light. If you can't figure out the names I use for 

prescription medications, ask someone because I've alluded to this subject more than a 

few times. 

**Today. Besides publishing my blog I'm now working on and having published no videos 

yesterday, I need to publish about 5 videos on YouTube and encode into Handbrake more 

than 15, producing 2 yesterday. I beginning to delete my videos on YouTube because of 

few views or because of people who object to the content of the videos. It's like I typed 

yesterday in the heading of my blog: *Note: "If you see any of my videos or read any of my 

blogs that you object to, email me at and when I read your email I'll 

delete the YouTube video and/or blog.

Thank you. 


The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 80°and 59° with partly cloudy 

skies. It called for rain today, but the forecast has changed with no rain until tomorrow. 

My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature of 70°, a barometric pressure of 

30.04 and about a 1/4 moon tonight. I hope I'll have time today to plant the 5 plants that 

still remain unplanted. If not, I'll at least have to water the flower beds, the 5 plants and 

the brown places in the yard that I've sown grass seed.  

I just checked my email 8:51 AM 8/10/2017 EDT and still no answer from 

owned by Google. In a specific blog yesterday that I published and referred to Feedback in, maybe the 5th message I sent to so far, saying my attempts to 

fix the Layout in the sidebar that has missing information which I need to change my ads 

on my blog. So I'll keep on harassing them until I get some answers. 


**I drove to Dr. Kwok's office and arrived about 3:00 PM arriving 10 minutes for my 

3:10 PM appointment. There were 5 people in the waiting room when I got there, 1 

man came in later with his tablet not taking part in our conversations. I had missed a 

grand opportunity to audio the conversations of this room full of strangers. Strangers are 

almost always friendlier than people you may know for awhile because knowing someone's  
background may result in some tension. I'll tell you what I remember. When I first entered

the office, I walked to the receptionist's window and talked to someone whose name I 

couldn't remember. I didn't ask her her name which I usually do and if you're reading this 

I'm sorry. I do remember Dr. Kwok, of course, his 2 nurses both named named Jessica, 

Valeria, Ronnie who draws blood for testing and Elizabeth III who probably had this day 

off, the normal receptionist. I call her that because Elizabeth II is the queen of England.

I need to mow the grass, sow some grass seed and plant some flower bulbs that I've 

ignored and it being this late these beautiful flowers will not rise up and blossom until 

next year, so I must continue this story of Dr. Kowk's waiting room and patient room 



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