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11 Aug 17 - 0859 EDT - blog - Poop in a bucket.


"It is a great joy for me to participate in a family reunion of strangers."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 again to owned by Google and 2 

videos, I drove to Rite Aid for prescription medications, to Buehler's grocery store to have 

copies made of some documents and then to the Orrville Post Office to mail the documents

return receipt requested meaning the receiver must sign for the letter and the signed card

will be returned to me proving that the documents have been received by the recipient.

There is also a tracking number on the receipt that I can track where the letter is at at any 

time by going online to and typing the tracking number in the box 

provided. 5:20 AM 8/11/2017 EDT. I just went to the USPS website and typed in the 

tracking number, 70170660000090652337, and was given this information: "August 10, 

2017, 5:14 PM, departed Post Office, ORRVILLE, OH 44667. Your item has left our 

acceptance facility and is in transit to a sorting facility on August 10, 2017 at 5:14 pm in 

ORRVILLE, OH 44667. August 10, 2017, 11:11 AM. USPS in possession of item, ORRVILLE, 

OH 44667 with an expected delivery date of Monday, August 14, 2017." Their sorting 

facility is in either Canton, Akron or Cleveland. Their sorting facility was in Canton while I 

worked, but so much has changed over the last 19 years. 

Ryan mowed the entire lawn, errands keeping me on the road almost all day and when I 

finally got back to the house for good, needless to say, I was wore out. If I could have 

worked in the flower beds and yard most of the day, I would have had boundless energy, 

but sitting in and driving the Honda with little exercise does this to me. I've said this many 

times before, "the expenditure of energy creates energy."

I didn't eat very much but made sure I ate or drank my fermented foods or drink, watched

an hour of 'Blue Bloods' and went to bed.

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog and maybe 1 of owned by Google 

if they haven't contacted me yet, I need to publish about 6 videos that YouTube is waiting 

for me to provide information and share to 10 social media sites. I also have 1 video that

Handbrake is encoding before I upload it to YouTube and maybe 5 other videos that I need

to encode through Handbrake. If you need an encoder, Handbrake is always free. 

When I was in Orrville there were rains that flooded the sidewalks, but here, just 3 miles

distance west, not a drop. When I got back to the house like I told you before, I was tired

and because of that didn't water the flower beds or the brown places in the where I had 

sown grass seed. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 81° and 60°

with scattered thunderstorms. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature

of 68°, a barometric pressure of 29.92, no rain and 1/4 of a moon tonight. I hope Google 

News who I get my weather forecast from is right and not my Acurite Weather Gauge. We,

including the farmers, need the rain. 



**"When I first entered the office, I walked to the receptionist's window and talked to 

someone whose name I couldn't remember. I didn't ask her her name which I usually do 

and if you're reading this I'm sorry. Dr. Kwok and his staff know and remember each 

patient's name which is usual, most doctors's nurses/technicians reading from a list 

calling me Randolph and then I say "I go by Forrest." After kidding around with the 

receptionist both of us holding our own and laughing, I turned to see that the patients 

were laughing or smiling at what the receptionist and I had just said. And after that we 

talked, smiled and laughed between me and the woman across from me and the elderly 

man and the woman, who looked much younger than the man, maybe because of makeup 

she applied to her face. They where to my right, he closes to me who I thought were 

married but learned later that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, he saying he was 88 

years and I thought to myself, he "robbed the cradle," but I didn't say that to him and 

should have causing more laughs or smiles again. There was a man to the right of the 

woman across from who said nothing and did not laugh or smile. I can't figure out people 

like this because I almost always laugh or smile. Another younger man came in later with a 

tablet and ignored our friendly conversations concentrating on whatever he was doing on 

his tablet not seeing him at anytime with a hint of a laugh or smile. The woman across 

from me kept talking about her past life of divorce and lost friendships, we trying to get a 

word in edgewise. At some point I was able to talk and said to her if she was lonely and 

needed to talk to someone she could visit Dr. Kwok's office and talk to people in the 

waiting room, no appointment needed and we all laughed again except the 2 men I just 

mentioned. They all, that I was talking to, were new patients and I told them that Dr. 

Kwok types everything in his computer that you say, so you need to keep yourself from 

saying cuss words or anything else that you might not want Dr. Kwok to record. 

Just then, 1 of the 2 nurse Jessicas', not twins, called out my name, "Forrest," weighed me

on the scales in the hallway, I am loosing weight, then ushered me in to 1 of the patient 

rooms where she check my blood pressure, my oxygen level and asked me what ailments

brought me to see Dr. Kwok? I had previously taken a poop test that required me to take 

a small sample of my poop after I pooped and with a small wooden tongue depressor like 

tool, but a great deal smaller, smear a small piece of poop on 2 different places on the card 

on 2 different day, recording the date. 

As Jessica left, she said that the good Dr. Kwok would be in in a few minutes. Sure he 

would, I thought. About 20 minutes later Dr. Kwok came in saying "Forrest Caricofe." I 

usually say "did I every tell you what a good doctor you are?" And would smile and say 

"yes you you have." He checked my breathing/heartbeat at my back with his stethoscope, 

Dr. Kwok saying to "breath deeply" and then the front, he saying to "breath normal." He 

already knew after talking to nurse Jessica that I wanted the new poop sample test for 

colon cancer as seen on TV. It is the Cologuard® Colon Cancer Test that comes in a box 

and mailed to my address. I then place a portion of my poop in a container and mail to an 

address that I don't know about yet, but I will know as soon as I receive it. Do you know 

what Dr. Kwok and his staff call this cancer test? You'd never guess. I'll go ahead and tell 

you. "Poop in a bucket."

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