Friday, August 11, 2017

11 Aug 17 - 1921 EDT - blog - Third letter to

This next to last line of my daily blog for today reads, "Are you a Bill Gates or one that 

doesn't care? Does or Google care? Not so far.

The last email message I received from you, Google, was: "Hi Forrest,

Tagged now has access to your Google Account

In my August 7th blog I typed: "There is something wrong with my editor, 

Some words are bolder than others. And for about 2 weeks I've been trying to fix the 

Layout in the sidebar so that I can change my ads. I've probably sent at least 4 messages 

in Feedback but it seems that there is no one there. Maybe they're on vacation and I know 

you have fired some of your employees recently, but is owned by Google and 

still has millions of employees around the world?? I'm certainly frustrated right now."

And I also typed, but can't find it so I'll say it in my own words. I've edited the HTML in 

Theme and change the line 977 from blog1 to bog2 and saved. Didn't work. 

Bottom line. I want to change my ads from getting rid of belly fat to Walmart and Lowes 

where I video and audio and shop a lot and/or financial or mortgage ads. 

Today, still not hearing from owned by Google, I edited the HTML in Theme

thinking that blog1 and blog2 in line 977 were corrupt I changed it to blog3, saved it, 

but that didn't work. 

If I can I'm going to email Adsense, Adcash or other Ad______ with this and hope that 

there is some reading there since there is no one reading my need for assistance in 

Feedback in

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