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12 Aug 17 - 0802 EDT - blog - Plumbing contractors at our house.


"I you have to poop or pee, thank a plumber."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs, my 3rd related to the challenges I'm having with 

fixing missing information in Layout I published about 4 videos and 

producing none today, I may be slowly catching up. 

Later in the day I drove to Orrville to the Orrville Post Office to mail 1 more letter, this

time over night with return receipt requested. The cost was $26.50 and the letter was 

guaranteed delivery by noon tomorrow. If it arrives after noon, I will be refunded the 

amount, $23.75. Just like yesterday the receipt has a tracking number and I'll track the 

letter hoping that the letter will arrive and be signed for sometime after noon.

For supper we went to China Buffet in Orrville. I eat few if any breaded foods and besides 

the variety of fish on the buffet, I like the egg drop soup when it's hot and, of course, like I 

always do, I requested city water, no ice. 

After driving back to the house, I ate a little more consisting mainly of my 4 fermented 

foods, mixed lettuce and carrots, shiitake mushrooms, the most nutritional and some other

food items I don't remember because I've already eaten them. Then my simple prayer and 

with the help of Sarah Palin, 1 of my prescription medications, I slept for about 6 hours, 

10:30 PM To 4:30 AM this morning. I don't require the amount of sleep that most people do 

and I'm glad for that. If I sleep 6 hours, I'm up and around for 18 hours, having more time 

to accomplish tasks I need to do. To prove to you I'll show you the date and time: 5:31 AM 

8/12/2017 EDT which was an hour ago. But don't believe everything you read because I 

can always change the date and time. 

**TODAY. I need to publish 1 blog and maybe 1 to unless they've 

answered some of my questions in an email or another way. The blog I published late 

yesterday was the 3rd letter I've sent to Feedback in I decided to send the 

URL (Universal Resource Locator) and not the entire blog to Adpushup twice, Adcash 

twice and Google once, most of Google's were non-reply:

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 77° and 57° with partly cloudy

skies. Most people I talk to like temperatures of around 75°, but I'm still waiting for 3 digit

temperatures. August is hot month here, this day being August 12th, no triple digit 

temperatures so far.

I haven't had the time to go outdoors and work planting the 5 plants, spreading the pearl 

black mulch, sowing more grass seed or plant the flower bulb. Hopefully I'll have some 

time to accomplish some of these tasks today.

I need go to the post office again today to mail 2 overnite letters, return receipt requested.

Since I need to go to Drug Mart in Wooster, I've decided to go to the Wooster Post Office,

Saturday hours 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. At Drug Mart I need more picture postcards 

especially the ones with an Ohio map because a lot of people I mail picture postcards to 

want map cards which is indicated when I read their profile. I also need wild bird seed and 

a single fruit I may need depending on what fruit I eat between now and then.

It's foggy outside right now and I'll wait awhile until most of the fog disappears before 

driving to Wooster. 


**I told you that I would keep you updated on our need, required by the Ohio State code 

and the Sanitation Department of the Wayne County Health Department, to redirect the 

gray from the shower, sink and washing machine from running into the ditch south of and 

parallel to Smucker Road, to our sewer system about 100 feet south of our house.  

I received a phone call yesterday at 8:28 AM 8/10/2017 EDT from a plumbing company 

who do most of their work in Summit County whose employees live as far away as Kent 

and Tallmadge, Ohio, a distance of 30 miles more or less. Because of that the estimate 

will more because their travel distance.

You know I can't give out names because of the Privacy Act of 1974. "Any questions 

regarding the" ..... (the Privacy Act) "may be directed to the Office of Privacy and Civil 

Liberties staff. Updated July 17, 2015."

The plumbing contractor that came to the house 2 days ago said that he had talked to the 

Wayne County Health Inspector and that he had said that with his approval, he could 

redirect the gray water and tie into the large black pipe running sewage into the sewer 

system inside of the house instead of digging a ditch through the driveway or digging a 

ditch under the back deck like the past 4 plumbing contractors said we had to do. He also 

said that he could use the same vent we have going through the roof of our house. He 

was honest to a T and told us always read the fine print, some plumbing contractors add 

to the costs when they encounter a problem they didn't foresee. We told him the names of 

the plumbing contractors who came here to give free estimates, he saying the one in 

Orrville was the best. He said that he didn't know about the plumbing contractor from 

Wooster and then he left saying he would keep in contact. 

And that reminds me. The plumbing contractor from Wooster came to the house to give a 

free estimate. He was tall, about 6' 5", bumping his head, like Bill did and I do. This house 

was built in 1945 when I was 3 years old, just a baby, with oak, not cheap pine and real 

plywood and must have been built for short people. He said, like me, that he was shorter 

because of Newton's Law of Gravity. He had diabetes, not able to feel his feet, taking 

insulin shots just to the right of his belly button, a conversation I enjoyed immensely. As 

he left he said he was stopping at Sonic to get a bite to eat and then to somewhere else I 

can't remember.

Did you every see that Sonic commercial on TV where these 2 guys are sitting in a car at 

Sonic pretending to be funny? I've never been to Sonic and will never go because of that 

commercial. I have no predjucies against homosexuals, but ..............

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