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13 Aug 17 EDT - 1040 EDT - blog - Speeding into the setting sun.


"If you get caught speeding, don't blame the Sheriff's Deputy."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published 1 blog, intending to publish a blog about my needing help from and Google, but didn't. I published about 3 videos and probably have 15 more

or less to publish on YouTube. I produced about 8 more when I was inside the post office,

in Lowes, in Walmart and in Drug Mart, all in Wooster. 

I went to the Wooster Post Office to mail 2 more documents overnight return receipt 

requested to 2 different Medicare centers in Lawrence, Kansas and Oklahoma City, 

Oklahoma. This being Saturday, they said that instead of overnight delivery, after checking 

the locations, that the best they could do was a guaranteed delivery of Monday, August 14 

at 3:00 PM and if the documents arrived after 3:00 PM, I would be reimbursed the postage 

of $23.75. After leaving the post office, I checked my webcam for the length of the video 

and it displayed a video of almost 40 minutes, so I need to learn how to and break this 

video down to 4 videos.

At Drug Mart I purchased 1 bag of wild bird seed which promises to attract Cardinals, the 

Ohio state bird, but I haven't seen any yet in or near the 3 bird feeders I have in 3 of the 

flower beds in the back of our property. I also purchased 8 picture postcards, 5 of the Ohio 

state map that I needed. To my surprise I found baby back ribs at $5.49 a slab, compared 

to a price of $7.49 at Save A Lot, around $12 at Walmart and and a whopping $14.99 at 

Buehler's grocery store. Everyone once in a while I meet a cashier that I'd like to hug, she 

being so kind and polite that she must have grew up in the south. Just before leaving I told 

her "how kind and pleasant you are" and she thanked me with a graciousness of a 

southern belle. 

At Lowes, webcam running, I purchased inside the store 2 large banner American flags, 

made in USA, and a large bag of wild bird seed. In the garden center I got 2 bags of pearl 

black mulch and maybe 8 discounted plants 2 of which were annuals the rest being 

ground cover plants, 1 for 25 cents. According to the receipt when I checked out and with 

my veteran's 10% discount, I paid with my credit an amount of around $53 and a savings of 

around $23 as I remember. 

At Walmart I went to the deli first to get my usual 5 potato wedges that I eat while 

shopping. I picked up several single fruits to replace those that I've already eaten, a large 

3 pound plastic container of Folger's coffee at almost $12, checked the shelves in the back 

of the grocery department that says "We Made Too Much," but all a found was sugar 

products and bread items. I went to the self checkout not remembering now what else I 

purchased, then walking to the Honda with my purchases in the cart, the furthermost 

distance from Walmart because I always try to find a shady parking place and not almost 

on the sidewalk like most people do.

I later drove to Rite Aid to get a prescription medication and also bought about 7 cans of 

Orlean's Sardines, a pack of fig bars, both $1, and a box of quart plastic bags (50 cents).

I didn't have much time when I returned to the house to go outdoors to work in the flower

beds and the yard, but I did manage to take all my discounted plants to the back southwest

flower bed and place under the peach tree, water everything and fill all 3 bird feeders.

I then came back into the house, showered, dressed and drove again to Wooster, speeding

(I'll tell you about that later) to Arby's for takeout. Then back to the house where I ate my

usual salad, watched about an hour of TV, then my simple prayer and then to bed. 

**TODAY. I have no other things to do today except publishing this blog I'm working on,

I'm almost finished (9:22 AM 8/13/2017 EDT), publish at least 4 videos on YouTube, 

upload at least 8 videos from my SD (Storage Device) cards and publish 1 postcrossing 

that I mailed yesterday.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 55 °, sunny skies and 

no chance for rain. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature of 75°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.95 and a 1/3 moon tonight. 

I should be able to a lot of things in the flower beds and the yard that I've had no time for 

in the last 4 or 5 days.


**I've told you some about my Father's driving habits, but I'll tell you that again plus more

to inform you and to keep the remembrances of my Father in my mind. 

My Father was always a fast driver, not always obeying the rules of the Virginia state's

manual of driving regulations. He would, with Mother beside in the passenger's seat and 

reading the road signs along the way, drive faster than the speed limit, go through 

stoplights that were red if he saw no one coming and with the gas pedal to the floor at 

takeoff and his foot hard on the brake when he had to stop. At all times smoking and 

because of indirect smoke, Mother developed chronic bronchitis as I have today because 

of my smoking. 

I believe that I took after my Father, not running red lights except when the sign does not 

say "No Turn On Red," but I have run red lights on several when only God and I could see 

it. I've made several videos of you seeing or hearing from me of the speeds that I drive on 

Chippewa Road at about 80 mph, a 2 mile distance, to or from our house on Smucker Road

less than a mile distance with a speed of 70 mph, the straight stretch on U. S. Route 585 

between Smithville and Wooster at speeds of 80 to 85 mph, the 2 lane 1 way road on U. S.

Route 83 that runs to the on ramp to Smithville on U. S. Route 585 at speeds nearing 90

mph and and if I take it south for an hour I can visit my Uncle Lester, my first cousins, 

Brenda and Connie and their families in Coshocton, Ohio. I drive speeds nearing 90 mph 

or more on the U. S. Route 30 bypass going to Wooster or back via Applecreek Road. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: 

"U.S. Route 30 is an east–west main route of the system of United States Numbered 

Highways, with the highway traveling across the northern tier of the country. It is the 

third longest U.S. route, after U.S. Route 20 and U.S. Route 6. 

Length: 3,073 miles,

Constructed: 1926. (Probably a graveled road. Father and Mother, born in 1918, were 8 

years old).

West end: US 101 in Astoria, OR.

East end: Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ."

Well, I need to tell you the rest of the story of yesterday, speeding from the house to 

Smithville and to U. S. Route 585 to drive to Arby's in Wooster. I always look for the police

or sheriff's deputy's when I'm speeding, the speed limit on U. S. Route 585, 55 mph, like all 

the others I have mentioned above except for the U. S. Route 30 that I believe is 65 or 70

mph. The straight stretch from Smithville or back is about a mile and a 1/2 and as I 

approached the wide turn to the left and downward, I saw the sheriff's deputy too late. I 

saw her/him turn around immediately as I had slowed down. The deputy caught up with 

me just before the intersection of U. S. Route 585 and Back Orrville Road with red and blue 

lights flashing. I pulled the Honda in to a vacant lot and she/he pulled in behind me. I 

could see in my rear view mirror that he was a male as he approached my driver's side 

window. I don't remember our conversation exactly, but I believe he said what law did you

break? I said "I was speeding," the truth. I also said "you finally caught me" and he said 

"do you always drive like this?"  I said "I had to in Omaha and Las Vegas to keep up with 

the traffic."  I was friendly and polite and because of that, mostly, he was friendly and 

polite. He told me that he clocked me driving 17 miles mph over the speed limit (55 mph) 

at 72 mph. He then went back to his car to see if I had any outstanding warrants after 

giving him my driver's license and registration. It took longer than I expected, but he 

finally came back to the Honda to explain the ticket that he had just printed out. Same as 

above with payment due by August 22, either by taking the payment to the Sheriff's 

Department or paying online with my credit card. At some point in time, I handed him 

serveral of my business, he at first declined to take them saying he "wasn't suppose to," 

but later took 1. I said "don't you have any children or a wife?" He said "no? A bachelor, 

sheriff's deputy and a sergeant that I saw on the ticket.

I hope he's reading this because I need to tell the whole truth. I was speeding at least at 

82 mph, 27 miles over the speed limit until I saw you and slowed down to 72 mph.

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