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14 Aug 17 - 1016 EDT - blog - To give is a blessing.


"Giving such as tipping and other ways of giving will give to you an eternal blessing from 


Forrest Caricofe

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eternal blessing from God."


**YESTERDAY. I published 1 blog and several videos, not one to postcrossing or one to asking for assistance in fixing the Layout in the sidebar of so that I can change my ads on my blog. Being Sunday, I thought I would give a break until tomorrow, not harassing them for answers today. 

I finally read the directions on the Weed and Feed bag, having used up 1 bag already. You

know how men are. It read: Make sure the weeds/grass are moist before applying, spread

the Weed and Feed and leave alone for 1 to 2 days. Don't apply when temperatures are 

over 90° and not to water until after the 1 to 2 days are past. Because of no rain and the 

morning dew was gone from the lawn, I gently watered the weeds/grass and then spread 

the Weed and Feed. It promises to last for 3 months and I'm hoping that the dreaded 

wire-weed will eventually die and be gone. I still have not planted the discounted plants I 

purchased at Lowes, they're still under the peach tree in the southwest corner flower bed 

and I'm hoping I'll have time to do that tomorrow. I did manage to start a fire in the fire 

pit after dumping gasoline on to the dry weeds, a good fire that burned all the dry weeds. 

I have 3 tomato plants growing in southeastern corner flower bed, 2 are romas', 1 in 

Mother's memory, a yellow tomato plant, she liking yellow tomatoes because of less acid. I 

also have sunflowers growing with red leaves and faces honoring my mother-in-law who 

has red hair. We also want to plant a tree in Bills's honor, we've chosen a peach tree, but 

have not decided where to plant it yet.

After quiting about 5:30 PM, I came back indoors, showered, dressed and then drove to 

Arby's in Wooster for takeout. They accept tips here and I usually only tip, $1.00, to the 

employee waiting on me and $1.00 to the cook. This time I asked how many employees 

where working in Arby's, he said 4, so I left $4.00 each saying "thank you" which I like so 

very much.

I ordered curly fries only, the rest wanting roast beef sandwiches and curly fries because 

when I drove back to the house I prepared my usual salad along with a third of a slab of 

baby back ribs. While I ate I watched about 2 hours of 'Law and Order', then took my 

pills, said my simple prayer and went to bed.

**TODAY. I should have time today after publishing this daily blog I'm working on, 

publishing several videos on YouTube and maybe a blog on postcrossing to:

1.  Wetting the weeds and grass and then spreading the Weed and Seed over that lightly

watered area.

2.   I need to plant those plants sitting under the peach tree in the southwest corner flower


3.   Spread weed killer on the grass and weeds coming up through the tar and gravel of our

U-shaped driveway and other places that I won't wash off the weed killer when I water the

flower beds and the yard.

4.   Those flower bulbs are still in the cart/wagon I see everyday when I go outdoors to 

work in the flower beds and the yard. I need to, at least, start to plant some of those 

today. They require an 8" depth hole. I use a tomato stake with a mark I've sawed on to it 

and drive the stake into the ground with a sledge hammer until just past the mark, then 

placing the bulb into the hole then using the tomato stake to drive the bulb to its' 8" depth 

and then cover the hole. 

5.   I have about 10 bags more or less of the pearl black mulch I need to spread.

6.   I need to take out the trash containers, this being Monday, the day Waste Management 

picks up the trash which I just did: 9:09 AM 8/14/2017 EDT.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 81°and 63° with partly cloudy

skies with no rain for the next 2 days. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present 

temperature of 65°, a barometric pressure of 29.86 and a half moon tonight. 


**I like giving to everyone with a just cause. I feel better than the receiver who I donate

to because I enjoy doing it. 

I donate to girls and boys organizations like the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts,Girl Scouts, 

Boy's and Girl's Club, The Children's Miracle Network, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, which is always free, to the military organizations helping soldiers who 

been injured in war/conflicts and/or who have PTSD ( Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and 

others that I cannot remember for just now. 

I also tip people that I'm allowed to, such as waitresses/waiters at restaurants, employees 

at fast food places like Arby's. I tip where I get the Honda repaired. At Jenkins Automotive

in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I tipped the one working on the Honda $5.00. Since then I've 

tipped everyone who happens to be working that day, $1.00. Regency Auto Repair in 

Omaha had 2 to 3 employees including the one that accepted your payment. At Leache's 

Garage where I may need repairs now, there may be as many as 7 employees including 1 

that may come in later, I tip each a $1.00. I try to tip some employees at stores where it's 

against store policy, but I try to slip them a $1.00 and and say "there is no one looking" 

knowing full well that the spying cameras are above our heads.

"Ohio's minimum hourly wage increased by 5 cents in 2017 because of inflation. Non-

tipped workers must be paid at least $8.15 an hour and tipped workers $4.08 an hour 

starting Jan. 1, 2017. Non-tipped workers must be paid at least $8.15 an hour and tipped 

workers $4.08 an hour."

Source: Ohio Dept. of Commerce. ​

Copyright © 2017 Ohio Restaurant Association. All rights reserved.

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Columbus, Ohio 43235-4636.

T: 800.282.9049 or 614.442.3535  |  F: 614.442.3550.

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The recommended tip now is, I believe, 15% or 20% of the bill.

I don't know what your state's mimimun wages regulations are but if you leave a small tip

or none, you, others and I in Ohio need to leave tips to tipped employees in the amount of 

$4.07 to equal the minimum wage, $8.15, of non-tipped employees. 

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