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15 Aug 17 - 1258 EDT - blog - I'm "healthy as a horse."

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"Cheese is the enemy of a bad working prostate."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 551,000 results (1.11 seconds). 

No results found for "Cheese is the enemy of a bad working prostate."


**YESTERDAY. I published 1 blog and 2 videos, most of the rest of the morning and early

afternoon attempting to fix the Layout in the sidebar in that I've been telling

you about. The missing information in Layout is required to change the ads on my blogs.

I've still not heard from or Google. (6:25 AM 8/15/2017 EDT) I just checked 

my email. Still no answers to my questions. 

We later went to Walmart in Wooster to shop for groceries, I needing things for myself.

I purchased a 100 Equate (Walmart brand) Lens Cleaning Wipes at a cost $3.98, $1.00

cheaper than the regular brand I bought before in the Vision Center. If I haven't told you

before my glasses are rose colored and, I liking country music, there is a song that was 

released in 1978 (I was 36 years old) sung by John Conlee entitled 'Rose Colored Glasses' 

that I will upload along with my daily blog of tomorrow. I also purchased 3 bandannas at a 

cost of $1.00 a piece that I wear across my head to hold my long hair back from getting in 

to my eyes. 

After returning to the house I'd had little time to work in the flower beds and yard except 

for watering the flower beds and the brown places in the yard where I had sown grass 

seed. I then prepared my nightly salad, watched 'Criminal Minds' while eating, said my 

simple prayer and went to bed.

**TODAY. I need to publish this blog I'm working on and publish at least 3 videos on 

YouTube. Just like with my videos, I way behind on preparing and mailing picture 

postcards to postcrossing members, so I have plenty of work to do today, time permitting.

The weather forecast has changed. Yesterday they called for no rain today, but now, the

forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 82° and 61° with scattered thunderstorms.

My Acurite Weather Gauge just to my right beside me on top of the dresser displays a 

present temperature of 63°, a barometric pressure of 29.77 and a little over a half moon 

tonight. I know I'll have to drive to Orrville to Buehler's grocery store to have copies made 

of a document and then to the post office to mail return receipt requested. Then to Rite Aid

where I have a prescription medication waiting for me to pick up. Hopefully after that I

can work in the flower beds and the yard. I can work in a light and gentle rain as long as 

there's no lightening.


**If you remember a blog I typed several days ago about a Sergeant Sheriff's Deputy who 

stopped me for driving 17 miles over the speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Well, I've slowed

down some because of that but just yesterday on U. S. Route 30 bypass of Wooster 

driving west and to the Madison Avenue off ramp into downtown Wooster, I drove up to 80 

miles per hour or more (the speed limit is 70 miles per hour) because I was trying to keep 

up with the car in front of me. There's nothing wrong in that is there? It won't be long, I 

know, that this old man and his old Honda will once again be racing into the wind.

I always have several things on my mind, like women who are multitaskers, but I ain't

no woman. I remember a man, when my back was turned to him, saying "mam" because of 

my long hair, but when I turned around he said "sorry."

I'm "healthy as horse" for my age, being 75 years old in October. I owe most of this to 

exercising and eating nutritious food. "You've come a long way baby" is a understatement.

I've been standing, just like now and typing my daily blog on my computer on the top of 

my dresser, or walking except when I'm sleeping or setting down occasionally. I changed 

the foods I've been eating since the time I ate grease, such as french fries, curly fries and

greasy hamburgers like my favorite, McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder. I could smash it

into a paper towel and get rid of most of the grease, but then it wouldn't taste as good. I

have excellent hearing for someone my age and I believe at times I can hear more 

cholesterol being added to my veins. I eat a lot of fish with no breading high in protein with

few calories and lots of salt, my favorite. Most people say "yucky" when I tell them about 

my normal breakfast sandwich of sardines, double fiber 100% wheat bread, a slice of 

tomato salted with Fine Himalayan Pink Salt by Olde Thompson since 1944 (I was just a 

babe in arms at 2 years old) and has 81 minerals or more that are in the human body and 

at your local Walmart for around $5.00.

I now, as you may know if you've read my blogs, I eat 3 fermented and 1 that I drink.

The fermented foods help to prevent stomach cancer, digestive problems, colon cancer 

and other maladies related to the latter. 

I use to be on a gluten free kick buying gluten free products from the gluten free sections 

of grocery stores including Walmart. 

I forgot why gluten free foods are good for you, so I went online to the following and 

copied and pasted an excerpt of of the article:

"Is A Gluten-Free Diet Good For Our Health?

Last updated - Mon 19 December 2016.

By Honor Whiteman - Reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a combination of wheat and 

rye). It acts as a "glue" in foods such as cereal, bread, and pasta, helping them hold their 

shape. ... Around 1 in 133 people in the U.S., have celiac disease - a more serious form of 

gluten intolerance.Dec 19, 2016."

I have trouble when standing to pee. I sometimes wait as long as 2 minutes before my 

urine starts to flow. In another article I read, they said that cheese has the same binding 

characteristics as above and will add to your prostate troubles if you eat it. So, I'm going 

back to eating gluten free products such as gluten free bread that is over $5 a loaf.

This is my typed health advice for today and I will produced a video in my room at 

sometime in the next week or so showing you the food products I've just mentioned.

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