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"A defibrillator can be a good thing or bad thing depending on if it works or not?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,020,000 results (1.47 seconds). 

No results found for "A defibrillator can be a good thing or bad thing depending on if it 

works or not?"


**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs, 1 of postcrossing and published 4 videos or more. I 

just checked and I still have 3 videos on YouTube to process and 5 or more that read 

"upload cancelled." I believe the videos were cancelled because my computer restarted 

its' self after installation of updates although I have set my computer to remain on 24 

hours day. I now have my computer set to restart on August 21 and a time I don't 

remember. I'll need to upload these deleted videos again if I can find them through the 

process of elimination. 

In the early afternoon I drove to Walmart in Wooster deciding not to video/audio inside. 

Just after entering the store, I had an interesting conversation with a Vietnam veteran, 

thinking to myself that, once again, I missed a grand opportunity to audio our 

conversation. In my blog of August 15, I copied and pasted from an article that read: 

"Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a combination of wheat and 

rye). It acts as a "glue" in foods such as cereal, bread, and pasta, helping them hold their 

shape." That glue, also in cheese, prevents me from peeing sometimes waiting for 2 

minutes before my urine starts to flow. I stopped eating gluten free products at one point

several months ago, but I do not remember the reason, so decided to eat gluten free foods

once again. Most grocery stores have gluten free sections and that's where I found Schar

Gluten Free Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread, over $5 a loaf, gluten free pretzels and gluten

free cheddar cheese baked crackers (I made a mistake when I bought the latter because 

of the cheese, so I'll give them to someone else to eat). Gluten free products are 

expensive, but if eating or drinking gluten free foods will help me with my 2 minute 

standing to pee, it will be well worth. My pooping system is working much better now 

because of the 50 billion culture probiotic I've been taking at night. I wish that I would 

have known about this when I was taking care of Mother who had the almost lifetime 

burden of constipation. 

I also purchased 2 bags of Weed and Feed at the ridiculously low price of $17 a bag were 

before it was over $40 a bag. 

After driving back to the house, I returned a phone call to the Wooster Eye Center and we

set up a surgery date for late September to remove the cataract from my left eye. I will 

have to go in before that to see a pre-operation nurse who will take measurements of my

eye. I'll keep you updated.

A plumber who had been to the house before and had looked over everything in our need

to come up to code, dictated by the health department to redirect the gray water running 

from the washing machine, sink and the shower in the basement from draining into the 

ditch along Smucker Road to our sewer system back of the house, looked over everything 

again and said that some of the pipes were leaking and I said you need to replace them. 

This is the plumber we all like because of his abnormal behavior to be extremely honest. 

I'm guessing now after estimates of $3000 (he promised to send to us a written estimate, 

but so far, nothing) and over $7000, believing now that the work will cost us, including a 

new water heater, $900, around $10,000. 

I later drove to Orrville to donate about 10 coats to Restoration Thrift and then to Taco Bell

for takeout, I having a beef soft taco. After driving back to the house, I watered the flower

beds and the brown places in the lawn where I had sown grass seed and then back into the

house to prepare and eat my nightly salad along with half of a full rack of baby back ribs as 

I watched 'Law and Order' on TV. Then my simple prayer and then to bed. 

**TODAY. After publishing my daily blog I working on right now: 6:40 AM 8/17/2017 EDT,

sleeping about 6 hours, so I'll be up and moving for about 18 hours today, I need to 

publish the 3 videos I have waiting on YouTube, find and re-upload the videos that 

were cancelled, publish a postcrossing that I'm way behind on and also way behind on 

weeding, planting the about 12 plants I have under the peach tree in the southwest flower 

bed, spreading about 10 bags of pearl black mulch and depending on the weather, I may or 

may not spray weed killer on the weeds in our U-shaped driveway. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 83° and 69° with 

thunderstorms, partly cloudy tomorrow and thunderstorms again on Saturday. So I'll spray

no weed killer today. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays and mirrors the present low 

temperature of 69°, a barometric pressure of 29.86 and a quarter moon tonight. 


**I remember a lot about Charlottesville, Virginia. I know that Charlottesville is home to 

the University of Virginia and is home to the University of Virginia Medical Center where 

my brother-in-law Harry along with his wife, my sister, Nancy, who accompanied him, had 

numerous operations related to placing a stent in his head/brain? I was also given the 

option to go there when my Sprint Lead to my defibrillator failed having received a phone 

call from the Cleveland Clinic, my defibrillator being always monitored by land line phone, 

saying to go to the ER immediately because my defibrillator might go off and kick me in 

the chest like a mule. I drove alone to the ER at the Sentara Rockingham Memorial 

Hospital, new facility, and was immediately placed on defibrillator and heart monitors. 

After a phone call from the ER to a Medtronic technician in Charlottesville, he drove up to 

the hospital to check my Medtronic Defibrillator and its' Sprint Lead and found the lead to 

be defective. 

He didn't have to come because I knew and he didn't know that he could have found out 

that over a land line telephone. A local heart surgeon who was called in gave to me the 

options of placing a new lead over the old lead or going to University of Virginia Medical 

Center where they had surgeons, trained at the Cleveland, they said that where capable of 

removing the existing failed Sprint Lead and replacing it with a new lead or driving back to 

the Cleveland Clinic and having the procedure with the warning that the failed lead might 

go off at anytime and kick me in the chest to get my heart to start again when there was 

really nothing wrong with my heart. The warning didn't phase me and I drove back to my 

home in Ohio and then drove to the Cleveland Clinic where it took 3 days to get a surgical 

team together and then they removed the defective Sprint Lead and implanted another 


And now about my niece, Mountain Laurel....


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