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19 Aug 17 - 0923 EDT -blog - Jamison Well Drilling.

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"If you need good fresh natural water, phone a well driller."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,230,000 results (1.17 seconds). 

No results found for "If you need good fresh natural water, phone a well driller."


**YESTERDAY. All that I published yesterday was my daily blog and for the very first time 

a Tweet. The rest of the morning and half of the evening, I spent with dealing with another 

challenge regarding our house built in 1945 when I was 3 years old. I'll tell you about 


I did not have the time to go outdoors to work in the flower beds and the yard, not even to

water the flower beds and the brown places in the yard because of no rain. 

I later drove to Orrville to Buehler's Fresh Foods to purchase some individual fruits and 

fermented sauerkraut. Ace Hardware is attached on the east side to Buehler's Fresh Foods

where I picked up a caulking gun, 3 tubes of white caulking and 2 small fake rocks that 

hides keys. I then drove to Taco Bell for takeout, I ordering 1 beef soft taco. 

After returning to the house, I prepared and ate my usual salad along with a 1/2 slab of 

baby back ribs while watching 'Law and Order' on TV, then my simple prayer and then to 


**TODAY. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 77° and 57° with 

thunderstorms. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature of 62°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.77 and an almost full moon tonight. 

At some time today, I hope to go outdoors to spread the 12 bags of pearl black mulch, sow 

some more grass seed on the brown places in the lawn and begin to plant the flower bulbs

and because of the lateness of this year, they will not blossom until next year. 

I need to publish my daily blog I'm working on, publish 3 videos on YouTube, place video 

files into Handbrake for encoding, then upload the completed encoded video file to 

YouTube and when YouTube and I finish processing the video, I can share it to 11 social 

media sites. I'm way behind, like in the flower beds and the lawn, in preparing and mailing  

picture postcards to members of postcrossing. I have 8 that I can mail and I need to try 

and catch up.


**When I awoke yesterday morning I saw the laundry room was flooded. I couldn't at first

find out where the leaks/leak was coming from, but it didn't take long to find out that it 

was coming from the rusted bottom of the water tank that holds water coming from 

the well outside in the lawn that's covered by a fake rock. I placed all the towels on the 

shelf and my 2 beach towels on the floor to soak up some of the water and then phoned 

Jamison Well Drilling headquarters in Mansfield, Ohio and just a few miles south, but 45

minutes from here an excellant street fair, happening at the same time as the Wayne 

County Fair, that Ryan I can go to as long as we got back before dark that was told to me 

by the 2 young men who came here to install the new fiber glass tank. They said that I 

didn't look my age after I told them my age, but everyone lies about that for some reason.

I have a multi-personality disorder needing to assume 2 different personalities in order to 

talk to the 2 young men with different personalities. They installed the tank, then all 3 of us 

went outdoors in order for 1 of the young men to figured out the bill for the tank and their 


I always ask and you should too if your a veteran or have a fake ID that shows you're a 

veteran for a veteran's discount. I just kidding about the fake ID because I always try to be 

honest. They said no, but they could give me a senior citizen discount of 3%, saving me 

about $34.00. The total bill was about $600.00 for the tank and their labor. We then said 

our thanks and goodbyes as they left for a job at their headquarters in Mansfield, Ohio 

which is about 35 miles west of here on U. S. Route 30. 

8:21 AM 8/19/2017 EDT. About an hour ago I went to Jamison Well Drilling Facebook's 

page: The photograph was of a large 

clan, not the Klu Klux Clan, of 14 children, equally divided, maybe, of 7 girls and 7 boys all 

dressed in "pretty in pink" or "handsome in pink." There seems to be a grandmother and a 

Mother, the only 1 not dressed in a pink top, but a white top, both wearing maybe 

bandannas or scarfs around their necks and my advice to them both is to wear the 

bandannas around you're forehead to look like an old hippy like me. Is the Mother the 

Mother to all 14 children, the grandmother the same to all 14? 

When I worked as a social worker in Page County, Virginia, I met a women who had 14

children, the reason for my visit to check out her application for finicial assistance. A

lot of people who lived in the hollows of Page County across from the Blue Ridge from 

where I lived were poor and needed financial assistance or advice. The lady was 

embarrassed to take any assistance being too proud like most of the hollow folks were. 

And a song for the adult women, the toddlers or teenagers and very young boys and girls

who are not yet the age of a toddler or a teenager: - 

Trace Adkins - Then They Do.

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