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"Always complaining is a waste of time."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I published 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing, and no videos that I remember. 

I drove, videoing/audioing everything, to the Wayne County government offices in Wooster, 

the county seat, to see who was on the deed to our house. I had looked it up on line, but I 

just wanted to make sure by going and seeing for myself. The lady that helped was the 

boss elected to the Wayne County Recorder's by the people who live in Wayne County. She 

led me to a computer which displayed that Carolyn and I were on the deed, with Bill have 

lifetime interest. She told me that since Bill has died all we have to do is have a lawyer 

remove his name from the deed. 

I then walked to the Wayne County Visitor's Bureau where I had obtained postcards for 

my mailings to postcrossing members. I might have this backwards. Maybe I went there 

first, but it doesn't matter. The lady at the desk after I asked about picture postcards 

brought out a large box of postcards, her boss being absent at the time. The box contained 

a treasure trove of postcards, mostly of days gone by, the Amish and other postcards which 

are a favorite of many postcrossers. I was delighted and thanked her as we said our 


I then walked down the stairs to the Wayne County Health Department. And this will be 

my main subject of I HAVE SOMETHING ON MY MIND. 

Oh, I forgot. The lady, like me, types a blog. It informs people of the advantages of visiting  

Wayne County. I can't find her business card right now but the URL is: and a phone number that you can call: 800-362-6474 if you plan 

to visit. Go to the website first because it lists all the major and minor events held in the 


I've seen a lot of informative websites, this being one of the best and most beautiful I've 

ever seen.  

They ought to pay me for advertising their office because I've certainly paid a lot in county 


I later drove to Lowes and Walmart. At Lowes I purchased 3 more bags of pearl black 

mulch and 4 discounted perennials. Each time recently I've paid, along with my veterans

10% discount, about $25. If I had paid full price for the plants that were discounted, I 

would have paid at least twice that.

At Walmart, webcam running, I went to the deli for my usual 5 potato wedges to eat 

while shopping. I needed sunscreen because I'm outdoors a lot and found 2 bottles of 

continuous spray, 30 ph, for about $7.70 each. There was 1 other thing on my list, but I 

can't remember it for right now. Items not on the list that I purchased were 2 bananas 

(I've been told that bananas are the best selling produce item, I believe that the reason is 

that they are easy to eat. Just peel and eat) and some other items I cannot remember for 

now. Is this the beginning of my burden of dementia?

After driving back to the house, I unloaded my purchases from the Honda with Ryan's help

and then want outdoors to load the cart with the 3 bags of pearl black mulch and the 4 

discounted plants. I planted the plants, started a fire in the fire pit, after dowsing with gas,

to burn all the dried weeds, branches that had fallen from the trees on our property and 

other miscellaneous paper products, but not plastic. I believe I have at least 7 bags of mulch 

to spread which I didn't have time for, but there is always tomorrow. 

I forgot to tell you that I fell on the rocks in the southwest corner garden, maybe the 4th

time I've fallen this year. I told you before that I have what they call thin skin and the 

slightest edge hitting my skin will cause blood to flow. The fall on the rocks caused blood to

run on several places on my body and from weeding, planting and from other only slight 

edges I might have had 10 more or less blood runs on my body for the day. 

I came into the house about 6:00 PM, showered, dressed, prepared and ate my salad and 

went to bed.

**Today. I'm behind 10 videos more or less, producing another 4 yesterday. I don't believe

I produced a video at all yesterday so I need to aggressively work on producing at least 3

videos today. 

I don't always know the order of my schedule for the day and this is 1 of those days. I 

know I have things to do such as finishing this blog I'm working, hopefully publishing 3 

videos, weeding, spreading the mulch and driving to Orrville to Bell Stores Marathon for 

gas for the lawn mower. I don't want to get sweaty and dirty from working outdoors 

before I'm among the public, so I'll drive there first. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 76° and 61° with scattered 

thunderstorms, my Acurite Temperature Gauge displaying a present temperate of 67°,

a barometric pressure of 29.95 and about a quarter moon tonight. It calls for the same 

scattered rain that it did yesterday, but didn't rain while I was up, but I can see that the 

clocks on the stove and microwave are blinking on and off, this being an indication of 

thunderstorms last night. 


**Yesterday I typed ...."I have audio-ed many voices on my YouTube videos without 

asking permission, secretly, from the one or more people that I've talked to." I also need to

say that maybe people may not recognize their voices, but remember situation, place or 

environment in which they are talking to me and/or other people. So, I'll say it again, "So 

right now I need to apologize with a sincere nature to those people who think I may 

have committed a wrongdoing. I apologize" and to add to that I'll say again, I'm sorry.

**The house we live in was constructed in 1945 when I was 3 years old. It is made of oak 

boards for framing and real plywood, not cheap soft pine or pasted together ply-board. Like 

all the carpenters in the family, my Father, Uncle Ray, Uncle Ken, Uncle Paul and my 

youngest brother Jerry. Those I listed before Uncle Ray and Jerry never heard of a nail gun 

or other changes in tools to work in construction. Uncle Ray and Jerry, may, in certain 

instances, use a nail gun and pasted together ply-board because they're still alive today. 

There were few regulations at the time this house was built and you know that elected 

officials make new laws often, some related to construction like building permits and 

county employees coming to the construction area to check and pass or reject the 

electrical wiring and other building codes they need to check on when called by the 

construction company to seek their stamp of approval. 

There is a problem with the drain off from the washing machine, shower and sink in the 

basement after a complaint was lodged about grey water running into the ditch along 

Smucker Road. The Wayne County Health Department inspector said that the drainage 

needed to be diverted to our sewer system south of the house. 

I know who the complainant was. Did you ever watch the TV program 'Fear Thy 



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