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22 Aug 17 - 0812 EDT - blog - 122,275 saying Hi's.

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"I try not to miss saying Hi to everyone."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 10,200,000 results (1.26 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. After typing and publishing my daily blog, I drove to Wooster to Lowes,

Buehler's Fresh Foods, Lowes, Staples, Walmart and Drug Mart. 

At Buehlers' I purchased 3 bottles of Kombucha, a fermented beverage, on sale at $2.99 a 

bottle. I also found Miso, a Japanese fermented paste, at $7.99 a bottle. I now have 5 of the

7 fermented products that I typed about in an earlier blog. I need to find Kefir and Tempeh 

to complete my having of all 7. 

At Lowes, I purchased 2 bags of pearl black mulch, a weather gauge by Acurite that 

displays temperature and humidity, 5 discounted plants that are grass like and a miniature

fern and all perennials. 

At Staples I had a document faxed where I'll need to have them make my new and changed 

business cards, 1000 for about $24.00. 

At Walmart I purchased 5 potato wedges to eat while I shopped, a loaf of gluten free bead, 

expensive at over $5 a loaf, 2 glass bottles of Kimchi, a glass bottle of Dona Maria Tender 

Cactus, a pack of hard boiled eggs, 2 six packs of plastic bottled Diet Caffeine Free Coke 

at $3.28 a piece, a large plastic container of mixed greens, a bag of small carrots, 2 bottles 

of a probiotic drink that was new to me and some other items I do not remember buying. 

Both Lowes and Walmart had mums, the time of the year for their appearance, but I'll wait

until they're discounted before I buy them. 

At Drug Mart I purchased a hand seed spreader by Scotts', a 50 foot hose that I need to 

replace the 1 that has started to leak, 3 packs of baby back ribs at $5.49 a piece and in a 

moment of weakness and no will power and I bought a small cherry pie that says made 

with real fruit and knowing that it is made mostly with cornstarch. 

After returning to the house, I drove to China Buffet for takeout, I having only a half 

container of egg drop soup. 

At the house, having no time left to work in the flower beds and the yard, I prepared and 

ate my usual salad while watching 'Criminal Minds' on TV, then my prayer and then early to 


**TODAY. I went to bed last night about 8:00 PM, starting to sleep about 8:30. I got up at 

about 4:00 this morning having slept for 7 and 1/2 hours more than my usual sleeping time 

of 6 hours. 

I certainly should be rested enough to publish this blog I'm working on, publish the 3 

videos that are waiting on YouTube for me to process and publish, prepare and mail a 

picture postcard to a postcrossing member, plant those discounted plants I bought 

yesterday, sow some more grass seed, spread some pearl black mulch, dig up mostly wire

weeds, rag weeds and pig weeds and finally to start planting the flower bulbs I've had for

so long.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 81° and 55° with 

thunderstorms. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature of 72°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.83 and a full moon tonight. I just went outside on the back 

enclosed porch and my new Acurite Weather Gauge displayed a temperature of 73°and a 

humidity level of 51%. 

The Total Solar Eclipse of yesterday occurred around 2:45 PM, I not seeing all of it 

because we in Ohio where not in its' path, a "70 miles wide and stretches from Oregon to 

South Carolina. It passes through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, 

Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina."

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When, Where and How to See It (Safely)?

By Calla Cofield and Tariq Malik | August 21, 2017 05:00am ET.


**I remember being told that when I was just a small child that I climb under the bed 

when company came to the house. As I grew up I became, like my Mother who was quietly

friendly and then later on aggressively friendly like my Father. 


Scott R Nelson. A forum: 

Aggressively friendly.

"Have you ever met some stranger who is "aggressively friendly"?

Normally when someone says "how ya doin'?" and don't even slow down as they're walking 

past, I'll just respond with "hi" (or often "hey"), because that's what I figure that they 

mean. And most of the time that's just fine.

But there was one guy a few months back - not somewhere like work or church - who 

apparently didn't hear my answer who comes back with "I SAID, HOW YA DOING?" I'm like,   
It was such a surprise to me that all I could come up with was a slightly louder "fine, fine", 

rather than what I should have said: "Like I said the first time, I'm doing fine". I should 

have pointed out that he missed my first answer, but I never think of such things in time.

I'm annoyed by people who say "how are you", or "how are you doing", who obviously 

don't want to know how I'm doing and don't want to even slow down a tiny bit as they 

pass to hear my answer."

But I'm more annoyed at total strangers who manage to be "friendly" in a totally rude 


Am I the only one that this happens to?"

I remember when I was at a rest area along some interstate I don't remember saying to 

this man "how are you doing" and his answer was "why did you ask me that?" I was sort of

shocked at the time never hearing that in my long life. My last words to him "I just wanted 

to know how you were doing" and he did not reply I believing he was satisfied with my 


I saw a man yesterday that I had seen and said Hi to before. At that time he seemed to not

understand my saying Hi to him, maybe because of low self esteem and was not 

accustomed to someone saying Hi to him. His appearance was much like mine except 

more gray hairs and a pony tail the length of mine, he dressed more like a cowboy, I with 

100% polyester shorts and T-shirts with American flag patches sewn on. His face, like 

mine, was rough and weathered because of hard years of living, the only major difference 

between us is that he had a Colt 45 on his right hip. I didn't say Hi to him yesterday 

because his back was turned and was walking away from and I was a little wary of calling 

out to him because of the gun on his hip. 

How many people have I said Hi to over the years? Let's figure it up. Say I've said Hi to an

average of 5 people a day since I was 7 years old. Take away the 7 from my age today, 74, 

would equal 67 years. Multiply 365 days by 67 years equals 122,275. That's certainly a lot 

of saying Hi's.

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