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23 Aug 17 - 0853 EDT - blog - Why live in fear of anything?

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"Why be afraid of dying when dying is just a part of your life?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published my daily blog and 2 videos, spending the remainder of my time

outdoors working in flower beds and the yard. I mowed the circumtance of the yard getting 

as close as I could to the corn fields on the south and east borders and the soybean field 

on the west border of our property. I dug up a lot of weeds in the front flower beds and the 

yard, taking them to the fire pit for drying and burning later on. I hung up 2 sunflowers 

that were falling plus 1 that I need to hang up tomorrow whose face is dropping towards 

the ground. I spread-ed 2 bags of pearl black mulch, covering most of the front flower 

beds except the ones in the middle and the eastern part of the lawn which will take about 

an hour to accomplish. I planted all but 2 of the perennials which I need to plant tomorrow. 

It had called for thunderstorms during the day, but not here, just a light rain for a while. 

I later drove to China Buffet for takeout and back to the house, prepared and ate my 

nightly salad while watching 'Criminal Minds' on TV and then my prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. Beside publishing my daily blog I'm working on (5:39 AM 8/23/2017 EDT), I 

need to process, publish and share 4 videos that are waiting on YouTube, process and mail

picture postcards to members of postcrossing and back outdoors to plant the remaining 2 

perennials that I didn't plant yesterday, mow the rest of the lawn, spread some bags of 

pearl black mulch and to continue my never ending task of weeding. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 75° and 53° with mostly 

sunny skies. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a temperature of 57°, a barometric 

pressure of 29.83 and a full moon tonight. 6:00 AM 8/23/2017 EDT. I just checked my new

temperature/humidity gauge and it displays a present temperature of 63° and a 57%

humidity level. I believe that the difference in the 2 present temperatures of 6° is because 

the wireless connection to my Acurite Weather Gauge hangs outside of the enclosed back

porch and the new gauge I've hung inside the enclosed porch, so I'll need to hang the new 

one outside today. 


**What food item is the number 1 killer of humans? It looks like I'm always giving health 

advise. Maybe I should change this section of my blog to 'Health Hints from Forrest.' I've

typed about gluten free foods, fermented foods, supplements and other blogs dedicated to

your health and mine. The answer to question above is food is sugar and blood sugar 

diseases which kill people prematurely kill almost 4 million around the world.

The next in line that causes premature deaths is high blood pressure, smoking, high body 

mass index (BMI) and high blood sugar levels, the remaining 6 you can see listed below.

An excerpt from:


"Poor diet is the is the biggest contributor to early deaths across the world, a study has 


Experts said 21 per cent of global deaths can be attributed to diets high in red meat and 

sugary drinks, and lacking in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.

Eating unhealthily contributes to the most deaths worldwide by triggering ailments 

including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The top risks associated with the premature deaths of both men and women are high 

blood pressure, smoking, high body mass index (BMI), and high blood sugar levels, 

researchers found.

Its' impact on mortality has grown by more than 49 per cent since 1990, and its increasing 

impact has been more dramatic for men than women. 

High blood pressure grew 39.9 per cent for women and 59 per cent for men.

The risk factors examined in the study contributed to a total of 30.8 million deaths in 2013, 

up by one-fifth from 25.1 million deaths in 1990. 

There's great potential to improve health by avoiding certain risks like smoking and poor 

diet as well as tackling environmental risks like air pollution,' said Dr Christopher Murray, 

director of the the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).


The top risks associated with the highest number of deaths globally for both sexes in 2013 


1. High blood pressure. I have high blood pressure and take 2 prescription medications for

that. Lisinopril that I call Listen to April and Metoprolol which I call Marco Polo.

2. Smoking. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. I smoke and my 

plan for quitting is dying. I once ask Dr.Kwok if smoking or weighing 300 pounds was 

worse. He's answer was 300 pounds and you know all of the diseases that weighing that 

much can bring. I ain't no doctor, but I think I'm right in this instance and not Dr. Kwok.

3. High body mass index. I went to an online BMI calculator just now, entered my height 

and weight and the result was 27.9. I might have cheated on my height a little because of 

Newton's Law of Gravity, but I believe I'm still closer to 6 feet tall than to 5' 11".

"A BMI of less than 18.5 classifies a person as underweight; between 18.5 and 24.9 as 

normal; between 25 and 29.9 as overweight; 30 and 39 as obese."

I'm losing weight down from 212 pounds to 195 pounds and at 185 pounds, I should have 

a BMI of 24.9 or less which is normal.

4. High blood sugar levels. I don't have high sugar levels, eating occasionally a Mounds 

bar and/or fig newtons.

5. Diet high in salt. I ingest a large quantity of salt by eating chips, mainly to retain water 

so that I don't get dehydrated while working outdoors. 

6. Diet low in fruits. I try to eat at least 70% of these fruits daily: pear, nectarine, peach,

guava, avocado, plum, blueberries, grapes, cherries mango and others to include my 

orange, lemon and lime water that I drink all day long.

7. Ambient air pollution. "Ambient air quality criteria or standards are concentrations of 

pollutants in the air (usually outdoor air but sometimes indoor air) specified for a variety of 

reasons including for the protection of human health, buildings, crops, vegetation, 

ecosystems, as well as for planning and other purposes."

Ambient air quality criteria - Wikipedia.

8. Household air pollution. Indirect smoke to others from me smoking.

9. High cholesterol. I take a prescription medication for high cholesterol. Dr. Kwok said that

cholesterol levels are not based on numbers anymore, but by risk factors. The prescription 

medication is Pravastatin that I call Prepare for Satan and at my last appointment to see 

Dr. Kwok, he said the prescription medication was working.

10. Alcohol. I use to drink, but quit at about the age of 45 because I was finding it more 

difficult to go to work with a hangover. 

If it comes right down to it, I'm not afraid of anyone or anything here on earth and dying is

just the end of my life on earth and I'm not afraid of dying either.

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