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25 Aug 17 - 0711 EDT -blog - I should have been a farmer.

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"If you like the outdoors, working in the dirt and planting vegetables/flowers, you should 

become a farmer."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 5,330,000 results (1.39 seconds). 

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vegetables/flowers, you should become a farmer."


**YESTERDAY. After publishing my daily blog and 3 videos, I drove to Orrville to Rite Aid 

for a prescription medication and to Buehler's Fresh Foods for single fruits that I try eat 

each day. Upon returning to the house, I went outdoors spreading 1 bag of pearl black 

mulch, dividing and digging up 2 plants that I replanted in other flower beds in the back  

and digging up weeds in all 8 major flower beds then placing them in the fire pit in the 

center back of our property. 

I quit early, around 4:00 PM, then showered, dressed, prepared and ate my nightly salad 

while watching 'Law and Order, Criminal Intent' on TV, then my simple prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. 4:01 AM 8/25/2017 EDT. I just woke up going to sleep about 9:00 PM last 

evening, so I'll be up and about for about 17 hours. 

Besides publishing my daily blog I'm working on now, I have 1 more video on YouTube that

needs to be published and a preparation and mailing of a picture postcard to someone 

who lives in Minsk, capital of Belarus as a member of

Like I said yesterday, I need to begin deleting videos on YouTube that are over a month old

and have less than 10 views. In time, I should be able to reduce my about 180 videos to 50.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 70° and 46° with partly cloudy

skies and no rain for the next 2 days. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present 

temperature of 53°, a barometric pressure of 30.04 and an almost full moon tonight. I just 

checked my Acurite Weather Gauge on the back deck, temperature and humidity only, it 

displaying a present temperature of 59° and a humidity reading of 51%. 

I don't believe that I have any demands on my time today, so I should be able to spread the 

remaining bags of pearl black mulch, spray weed killer because of no rain today and the 

next 2 days, plant at least some of the flower bulbs, divide, dig up and replant the plants 

in other flower beds in the back and if some of the weeds in the fire pit are dry enough I'll

burn them after sloshing gas on top of them. 

I'll know more of what I need to do when I get outdoors.


**I told you once before that I should have been a farmer. I also told you that I've had 

about 50 different jobs during my lifetime, some just for a very short time, from selling 

candy on the streets of Los Angeles to selling beer at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at a 

NASCAR (The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) event in Las Vegas about a 

year and 4 months ago. 

From The School of Medicine and Public Health.

University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Does Living 'Down on the Farm' Lead to Healthier Immune Systems in Kids?

An excerpt from the full article:

Media Inquiries:

"Madison, Wisconsin - Exposure to fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and hours of exercise each 

day are some of the obvious benefits of farm living, but a new study will look at how the 

dirtier side of farm life may be the real reason why kids who grow up in agricultural 

environments are far less likely to develop allergic diseases than their more citified 



As I told you before my Father's side of our family (Caricofe) was a family of carpenters 

and my Mother's side of the family (Cline) was a family of farmers. My Uncle Orvin was a 

farmer taking after his Father, my grandfather Cline. His son Lewis is 1 of 3 boys and he is 

farmer today, not a dairy farmer like his Father, but an Angus beef cattle farmer, much 

easier and requiring less help than the morning and night milking of cows. My 

Uncle Lester wanted to be a farmer, but because of a illness, maybe kidney related, he 

worked in an ice cream plant in Harrisonburg, Virginia and when they moved to 

Coshocton, Ohio, he moved from Harrisonburg to work there. 

I've been outdoors almost all my life and I remember digging an entire garden up at our 

house on Ottobine Road when I was about 12 years old, but I don't remember planting 

anything, but I'm sure I did with Mother's guidance, of course. 

You know I'm constantly talking about my flower beds and the yard and when I get the 

opportunity I'm always outdoors working in the flower beds and the yard. This is what I 

enjoy doing.

Like my Uncle Lester, I should have been a farmer. 

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