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26 Aug 17 - 0952 EDT - blog - My brother Roland.

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"If you do something you ain't supposed to, blame it on your brother."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing my daily blog and several videos, I drove to Ace Hardware

and Buehler's Fresh Foods in Orrville. I wanted some plastic ties, tomato stakes and some 

black mulch, but it being late in the growing season, Ace Hardware didn't have tomato 

stakes or mulch of any kind. Besides buying the plastic ties and 2 plastic containers of 

weed killer on sale for $6.99, I purchased some single fruits from Buehler's to eat 

throughout the day. I also purchase gas for the Honda at Bell Stores Marathon using my 

credit card, the cost was about $25.00. The faster and longer I drive the Honda the better 

the miles per gallon. I figured it up in my head and my miles per gallon was about 25 and if 

get the carburetor replaced like Leach's Garage said I would have to eventually do, I 

should get about 30 miles per gallon. 

After returning to the house, I went outdoors to video/audio the flower beds and the yard.

I hope to have them ready for your viewing on YouTube either tomorrow or the next day. 

I divided and dug up some plants to replant in another flower bed, sprayed weed killer 

on some wire weeds on the west border where soybeans are planted not getting to close 

to the soybeans for fear of killing them. During a brake while back into the house, I 

Googled wire weeds and found out that the 2 bags of Weed and Feed would do little in 

killing the wire weeds. So I'll return to spraying the wire weeds with weed killer, waiting 

until they turn brown and dead, then racking the area and then planting grass seed. I 

finally hung the humming bird feeder, rehung a bird feeder in the peach tree in the 

southwest corner flower bed, dug up more weeds, mostly wire weeds, and placed them on 

the fire pit for burning later on, maybe tomorrow. I had watered the flower beds and the 

brown places in the yard earlier in the morning so I didn't have to water in the early 

evening. I also planted a peach tree in Bill's memory and when I know it has recovered 

from replanting, I'll enhance site between the 3 crosses flower bed that he built and the 

patio flower bed in the southwest corner of our property. 

I quit early, about 4:00 PM, went back into the house and followed my usual routine of 

showering, dressing, preparing and eating my salad while watching TV and then my prayer 

and to bed and to sleep about 9:00 PM.

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog I working on right now (5:09 AM 8/26/2017 

EDT), I have 6 videos on YouTube that I need to process, publish and share. I also need to 

prepare and mail a picture postcard to a member. 

I need to drive to Wooster to Lowes and Walmart. At Lowes, I need 2 bags of regular black

mulch not the powdered pearl black mulch kind, some tomato stakes or something similar

to hold up about 6 sunflowers that are dropping, almost ready to fall to the ground and a 

perennial fern or 2. At Walmart I need 2 glass bottles of Dona Maria Tender Cactus, a large

glass jar of pimentoes, 2 glass jars of pickled vegetables, 5 potato wedges to eat while I 

shop and some other things I don't now know I'll need until I get there. 

The weather calls for high and low temperatures of 73°and 49° with mostly sunny skies 

with no rain for the next 2 days. I believe I'll do what I did yesterday and water the flower 

beds and the yard in the morning hours of today. That should keep the plants and the 

grass from becoming too hot during the day.


**I phoned my brother Roland yesterday while sitting in the Honda videoing me and 

audioing our conversation. He has 4 children that I know of, 2 who live in Maine, Nicole the 

oldest and a liberal and Sean who is a fisherman, but I don't know his political affiliation. 

Both have families, Nicole has 2 boys and a girl and Sean and his wife have 2 boys.

Roland's other 2 children live in Virginia. Erin and her husband, Shannon, who started me 

smoking again when I was trying to quit, have a young daughter whose name is Sweet 

Adeline. Erin is also a liberal because she is a big shot at James Madison University in 

Harrisonburg. They live in Dayton where I was raised and grew up. Brittany is Roland's 

youngest child that I know of and works in Grottoes, Virginia as a policewoman. She has 1 

young son and if I'm not mistaken, she lives off U. S Route 33 near Elkton, Virginia just 

before driving up to the Shenandoah National Park and down to towns and cities to the 


Before having families, Roland and I were rebellious, I being the oldest probably set a bad 

example for him, I'm sure. And I told you once before that I never asked my parents to 

forgive me for the things that they might have frowned upon, while we both where here on 

earth together, but hoped that they did forgive silently or have forgiven me now that they 

are in Heaven. I've never talked to my brother Roland about this, both of us still rebellious 

in our own way, but being brothers and thinking in the same ways, I believe that he would 

agree with what I've just said. 

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