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27 Aug 17 - 0751 EDT - blog - We are all equal in God's eyes.

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"Must we wait until we get to Heaven before we can become equals with our fellow human


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 8,020,000 results (1.35 seconds). 

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with our fellow human beings?"


**YESTERDAY. After publishing my blog, I published at least 3 videos of my brother Roland 

and I speaking by cell phone, he setting in his car in Maine and I in the Honda. Much of the 

late morning and early afternoon was spent in driving our dog, Dolly Jo, to and from her 

hair salon. 

 After that I went outdoors to spray weed killer on the wire grass, dandelions and other 

weeds. I told you yesterday that the 2 bags of Weed and Feed I purchased for $17 each 

would not kill the wire grass, so I'm returning to my old way of killing the wire grass. I'm 

spraying the wire grass with weed killer, allowing it to die, then raking it to remove the

dead wire grass and then sowing grass seed. Most of the wire grass is along the borders 

of the property and in the southwest corner, a rectangular area of an approximate 100 feet 

from west to east and 200 feet from north to south and vice versa.

I had watered the flower beds and the brown areas in the yard about 8:00 AM, so I didn't 

have to water this afternoon. I quit about 4:30 PM, showered, dressed and then drove to 

Taco Bell for takeout and upon returning to the house, I prepared and ate my nightly salad

while watching National Geographic on TV, said my prayer and went to bed.

**TODAY. 5:05 AM 8/27/2017 EDT. I just woke up and I'm drinking my 1st mug of coffee.

I usually drink 3 to 4 mugs of coffee per day. Is coffee good or bad for you? I'm not going 

to Google that question because I like coffee and it keeps my body hyperventilated all day 


After publishing this blog I'm working on, I need to publish 2 videos of our dog Dolly Jo, a 

Maltese, being driven to and from her hair salon, Wags and Whiskers, in Orrville and 

prepare a picture postcard for mailing to someone as a member of 

Hopefully I'll have time today to spray weed killer on as much of the wire grass and other 

weeds that I can being always alert to the weather forecast because rain will wash off the 

weed killer. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 78° and 58° with 

partly cloudy skies and rain the next 2 days, so this will be my last chance for a while to 

spray weed killer unless the forecast changes.


**Are we all equal in God's eyes? Sure we are. Are we all equal in each others eyes? No, 

we're not. 

I can remember in high school, (Turner Ashby, graduating class of 1961), students who 

looked down upon me and other students because of their family's wealth and/or their 

social standing. Does purchasing a scoreboard for basketball or football mean that the 

coach will allow the parent's son and/or daughter to have more playing time? In some  

instances, yes. Does perceived social standing taught by the parents cause the daughter 

and/or son to look down upon her or his fellow students? Sure it does. Do teachers treat 

their students according to their family's wealth or social standing? Again, in some 

instances, yes. Does sucking up to the principles, teachers and staff by the wealthy and/or 

social elite by playing golf with, dinning together, or other social events cause the parents 

son and/or daughter to be treated better than I was treated in high school? The answer is 


Is this fair to all of us who are not wealthy or have no high social standing in the 

community? No, it's not. Can this be changed? We can become wealthy and achieve a 

much greater social standing among our fellow human beings. But if we can't or don't 

want to, which is me, how can I become equal with all human beings?  You know the 


In Heaven, we are all equal in God's eyes. 

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