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29 Aug 17 - 0751 EDT -blog - Wells Fargo.

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"It ain't talking that's important, it's listening that's important."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 3,600,000 results (1.36 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I accomplished little else but publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing of 

someone in the United Kingdom who sent to me a picture postcard and publishing 1 video. 

I also responded to notifications on Facebook, which I do daily, always trying not to miss 

someone's birthday. This was one of those rare days that I did not even unlock the Honda

to drive somewhere or go outdoors to work in flower beds or the yard, the main reason 

explained under I HAVE SOMETHING ON MY MIND below. 

I went to sleep around 8:30 PM after eating my evening meal while watching 'Criminal

Minds' on TV. 

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog I'm working on right now (5:10 AM 8/29/2017

EDT), I need to send a picture postcard to someone as a member of, 

publish 1 video and check and try to fix or buy another mini fridge that quit working 

yesterday. It is a Magic Chef and has worked really well up until now. I bought it a few 

years ago at Home Depot in Wadsworth just about 30 minutes north of here off U. S. Route 

57 and Interstate 76. I'll need to phone Home Depot sometime after 8:00 AM after writing 

down the serial number.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 75°and 54° with scattered 

thunderstorms and rain for the next 2 days. It was suppose to rain yesterday, not knowing

now whether it did rain or not. I just came back from going out onto the enclosed back 

deck (5:38 AM 8/29/2017 EDT) and saw rain droplets on the deck windows and that 

Smucker Road was wet with rain and I'm certainly glad for that. 

I also need to complete the paperwork I received from the Wooster Eye Center that has 

scheduled my surgical removal of my left eye cataract. My pre-op exam is scheduled for 

September 12 at 8:30 AM and I'm to go to the basement where the surgery will be 

performed by Dr. Steiner on September 28. I don't know why they perform surgery in the 

basement, maybe it's like a hospital, if something goes wrong with the surgery and you die,

you'll already be in the morgue in the basement. 

I can't think of anything else I may need to do today, maybe what I've said above is 

enough for 1 day. 


**I don't normally talk on the phone a lot, but when I do, I mostly listen. That is the only 

way to learn, you learn practically nothing by talking and not listening. I told you once 

before that I've been alone all life, but not lonely. I've thought or talked alot during my 

almost 75 years of life, most of my talking was talking to myself. My friends are almost 

always total strangers who I say only Hi to or perhaps a minute or more conversation. 

When we depart each others' company they will remain strangers because, in most cases, 

I'll never see them again. 

I've received several proposals lately wanting to refinance our house. In 2001, we paid 

around $125,000 for the house at a 5.5% interest rate. With improvements to the house,

a new garage, a total revamp of the basement and when I complete the work I'm doing in

the flower beds and the yard, I believe this house and property will be worth around 


Our mortgage is with Wells Fargo and after receiving a letter saying to mention a code on 

the letter, I phoned them and gave him the code that was mentioned. This was more 

listening than I remember listening to in 1 day. His name was Richard whose last name 

was the Lion Heart and he talked and talked and talked. Most of my duties were to 

electronically sign several documents after the Lion Heart sent them by email. We became 

disconnected about 5 times or more, both of us speaking by landline. I have a lot of 

paitence normally, but my patience was wearing thin because of the phone disconections

and because of several signatures I had to electronically sign. My saying that you could get

your point across "in 10 words or less" certainly didn't apply yesterday. 

I'm not saying anything bad about the Lion Heart because he was saddled with obeying 

modern rules and not just a handshake from years ago. He was polite, professional and 

laughed at some of the things I said and you know I like causing people to laugh and/or 

smile. We said our thank you's and goodbyes and the Lion Heart said a woman would 

be phoning me in about an hour to obtain more information.

A little over an hour later, Lily of the Valley called me. My sister, Nancy, has also named her

children after names of plants/flowers. Holly, Timothy and Laurel and I don't see nothing 

wrong with that because you know I like flowers and plants. If you subtracted 1 r from my

name Forrest, I would be named after a forest. I'd like that. Of the Valley talked a lot less

than the Lion Heart and we were finished in about 20 minutes more or less as compared to

the 2 hours, more or less of listening to the Lion Heart. When phoning they both said that 

our conversations were being audio-ed so I tried as best as I could to praise them both. 

Like with the Lion Heart, we said our thank you's and goodbyes and I almost forgot to tell 

you something else. The Lion Heart was phoning from Charlotte, North Carolina and Lily of 

the Valley was calling from Minnesota. The Lion Heart knew where my brother, Jerry and 

his wife, Janet live in" Edenton which is a town on Albemarle Sound in Chowan County, 

North Carolina, United States. The population was 5,004 at the 2010 census." Wikipedia.

Smithville's population: 1,263 (2014) an increase of 11 people since the 2010 census 


Even though I had to listen a lot, and learning because of that, I actually enjoyed my 

interactions with both the Lion Heart and Lily of the Valley. If you're reading this, thanks so

very much.

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