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3 Aug 17 - 0915 EDT - blog - 'This Old House.'


"We, like a house, need fixing occasionally."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,450,000 results (0.98 seconds). 

No results found for "We, like a house, need fixing occasionally."


**Yesterday. I published 2 blogs, 1 of my July statistics in sending, receiving and other 

statistics as a member of postcrossing. I published at least 3 videos having maybe 5 more to 

encode through Handbrake, upload to YouTube, type in the required information, publish 

and then share to 10 social media sites. 

Near noon, I drove to Orrville to Bell Stores Marathon for gas for the Honda and the lawn


At the house, I went outdoors to begin mowing the grass. I always mow first to get as 

close to the 2 corn and 1 soybean fields that I can, outlining the entire perimeter of the 

property before Ryan begins mowing. After Ryan took over the mowing, I weeded the 

flower beds, spread the pearl black mulch in the southwest bed, in the circular bed that 

they call my grave plot and the 1 with 3 crosses much like the ones' you see along the 

roadways of America. I have never learned at my age to always read the directions first.

On the back of the bag of the pearl black mulch, it said to water after spreading. So I, for

the first time, watered the mulch.

**Today. I need to drive to a hair salon in Akron, we're leaving at 12 noon. Hopefully 

before then I can publish my daily blog that I'm typing right now (6:59 AM 8/3/2017 EDT),

publish 2 videos and begin working on a postcrossing, needing first to go to the website to obtained an address. 

7:24 AM 8/3/2017 EDT. I've just obtained an address from The someone

I need to send a picture postcard to lives in Newport, United Kingdom.

My long hair is now almost 4 inches below my shoulders and mostly brown, the only grey I

have is in my mustache and beard. I don't need my hair messed with, I do it myself along 

with Paul Mitchell's help, shampoo and conditioner. I sincerely believe that my hair 

remaining brown and my good health can be attributed to standing and not sitting or lying 

down, except for sleeping, daily exercise which includes my standing or walking my entire 

life, eating the most nutritious foods available and taking vitamins to include the "Miracle

Pill of the Century" I told you about (Turmeric Curcumin), twice a day.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 80° and 64° with scattered 

thunderstorms, my Acurite Weather Gauge displaying a temperature right now of 66°, a 

barometric pressure of 29.95 and an almost 3/4 moon tonight. I doubt that I'll have an 

opportunity to go outdoors and working in the flower beds and the yard. We'll be late 

driving back from the hair salon plus I need a few food items. There is a Walmart near the

hair salon on Arlington Road where I can buy a glass bottle of Kimchi, about $5, and a bag 

of mixed greens at a cost of $2.99. Then on the way back, I need to stop at Save A Lot

for a rack of baby back ribs with a picture of Larry the Cable Guy saying "Git R Done" on 

the package. The cost here is $7.49, at Walmart about $12 and at Buehler's grocery store,

$14.99. I wash off the sauce, slice it into 3 pieces, heat 1 of the 3 pieces in the microwave 

for 2 minutes, take it out and throw it in with my nightly salad. 

I'll just have to wait and see what the rest of the day brings.


**I typed yesterday: "The Wayne County Health Department inspector said that the 

drainage needed to be diverted to our sewer system south of the house." 

Besides needing this work done we need a new gas water heater. So far we have 3 

estimates with 1 more plumbing contractor coming today to give us another estimate. 

The estimates so far for installing a new gas water were the same, around $900. 

The first estimate for diverting the water drainage from the washing machine, sink and 

shower located in the laundry room in the basement was from Blind & Son, their bid was 

$5700. This man was a little nervous for some reason unknown to me.

The next day Arch Plumbing of Wooster came to the house to give us an estimate. His 

estimate was $3000. I talked to him in the driveway for while, him saying he lived in a 

condo and worked out of that. He said he didn't have time to do home maintenance like 

mowing the yard. His 3 children are already adults so he said he didn't need as much space 

as he once had. I asked him how he came up with the name Arch. He said that A, R and C 

were the first letters of his children's first name. I didn't ask him about the H, but I'm 

assuming he reserved H for a surprise newborn. 

Yesterday Orrville Plumbing & Heating came to the house and gave us an estimate of 

around $7000 and he said he would send to us a written estimate. 

The Wayne County Health Department code is that we fix what is wrong within 30 days 

from the date of the letter we received yesterday (August 2).  All estimates so far say they 

are booked beyond the 30 day limit. I contacted the Health Department 2 days ago, in 

person, and asked if they could waiver the 30 day rule. Only the receptionist was in and 

said that she would give the message to the health inspector. He phoned yesterday and 

said he'd be out today. 

We're going to the hair salon and we'll leave a note on the back deck door.

I'll keep you posted.

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