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4 Aug 17 - 1007 EDT -blog - "Liar, liar, pants on fire."


"Are all lies always a sin?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After I published my daily blog and maybe 2 videos, I drove to the hair salon

off Arlington Road in Akron. I dropped Carolyn off and then Ryan and I went Walmart off 

Arlington Road about 2 miles east of the hair salon. We went our separate ways as usual, 

he shopping for things he needed and I doing likewise. 

My webcam was giving me troubles (you know it's not the webcam's fault, but mine, being 

the operator), and thinking it might be a full or bad SD (Storage Device) card (8 GB), I 

went back to Electronics and purchased a new 32 GB SD card for about $18 in the Photo 

department. The SD card package is adult proof, so I always pay for it there and ask the 

cashier to open it, please. After placing the SD card into the slot in the webcam and 

turning it on, it still failed to operate. I just then figured it out. The webcam needed to be 

charged. I can charged the webcam in 2 places, in the Honda with the charging cord 

connected to the webcam and cigarette lighter and in my room with the charging cord 

connected to the webcam and into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port on my computer. 

I also purchased 2 glass jars of Kimchi, a variety of fruit, 1 pear, 1 nectarine, 1 kiwi, 1 

plum, 2 large tomatoes and some other items I don't remember buying. As usual I had a 

friendly time at the checkout, the woman in front of me buying about 4 big boxes of 

donuts for her church as we talked and the woman and big man behind, I assuming he was

her husband, she and I talking with her, mostly, as we laughed. 

After paying for items, I looked up to see Ryan standing there and both together went out 

to find the Honda somewhere in the parking lot. We found the Honda and loaded the paid 

for items on the back seat and then I climb into the driver's side seat. Carolyn had not 

phoned yet saying that she was finished, so Ryan went back into Walmart to look around

again. Ryan loves to shop. I remained in my seat and ate a pear, a peach and 2 Guava, a 

product of Mexico. 

I saw Ryan coming out saying that his Mother was finished and we needed to pick her up,

so I drove back to the hair salon. On the drive back to the house, I stopped at Save A Lot

to buy a rack of baby back grilled ribs for $7.49 and the fruits to replace the fruits that I 

had eaten. 

Then back to the house to prepare my usual nightly salad along with a 1/3 of the baby 

back ribs and then to bed.

**Today. 9:02 AM 8/4/2017 EDT. I've just returned from taking a letter to the mailbox on 

the north side of Smucker Road. When I just went out on the deck, I could smell the rain 

and could hear the thunder maybe 5 miles northwest in the skies. I always like God's 

watering of the flower beds and the yard, God's rain more purer than my watering from  

the garden hose. I'm glad it rained, it's an answer from Heaven. 

Ryan and I are going to the Mennonite Relief Sale at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. 

Mother and I use to go to the Brethren Relief Sale at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds 

near Harrisonburg, Virginia off U.S. Route 11 south of the city. 

I ain't got a plan for the rest of the day except secretly videoing/audioing at the Mennonite

Relief Sale. 

I'll just have to wait and see what the rest of the day brings.


**I met a man a long time ago who was much like me, rebellious and not complying to 

every social norm. He had a long pony tail whereas mine was cut short at time. We could 

talk face-to-face because we were almost the same height, he looking about the same age 

as me. It was sometime during the summer, he wearing jeans and I in shorts. He also had 

a cowboy hat and boots, I asked him if he was a cowboy, he saying ,no, that he just liked 

to dress as a cowboy. He went on to tell me a sad story of his divorce and the court 

ordered custody of his 3 children to his ex-wife with visitations to see his children only 

with the permission of their Mother, his ex-wife. 

He said he was employed as a salesman for GE (General Electric), alimony and child 

support keeping him broke. 

I felt sorry for him secretly, but encourage him to move on with his life, hoping that what I 

had said he'd remember and in so doing he'd have a much better quality of life. As we left 

each others company while saying our goodbyes and take cares, I still remember him to 

this day and what I said, and I hoping what I said to him, he had remembered and his 

present life was much better than at our first and final meeting.

Did you ever hear of the phrase "don't believe everything you hear?" Well, in this case 

"don't believe everything you read. All of the above is a lie. 

But I've always said "you can tell a lie" and it's not a sin "if it doesn't hurt anyone."

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