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5 Aug 17 - 0942 EDT - blog - Mennonite Disaster Relief Sale


"What would the world do without generous and helpful samaritans?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,730,000 results (1.14 seconds). 

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**Yesterday. I typed my daily blog, uploaded and published 2 or 3 videos to YouTube. The 

blog I type each day is edited in blogger and then shared through OnlyWire to about 25 

social media sites. Thunderstorms ruled the morning and early afternoon and finally, after

2 days of forecasted rain, the downpour or gentle rain from Heaven coming at last.

**Today. I have at least 12 videos, 9 from yesterday, that I need to upload and publish on 

YouTube. There is a quote by Lewis Carroll that says “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

That quote fits me perfectly. I may be able to upload as many as 6 videos after encoding 

in Handbrake and publishing and sharing from YouTube, but I probably need to work faster

than that because I'm producing 4 videos on average a day. I have a total of 153 videos

including the ones I produced returning from Las Vegas. I have 1,677 views including my 

own which I need to see in filling out the Information and Settings that's just below the 

video I'm watching. The latest policy of YouTube is that I need to have 10,000 views to

become eligible for monetizing. I had 9 subscribers, but I now have 7 because I believe 

the subscriber, notified by some sound on their cell phone, computer or other device may 

be tired of my constant videos. What I'm going to do in the next few months is to see 

which videos have the most views and delete most all of the rest. One of my best videos' 

with the most views is entitled "I've got to pee bad," which was produced in the back 

restroom at the Wooster Walmart. 

I have only 1 idea of what I'm going to do today. The utensil drawer in the kitchen needs 

cleaning, having been cleaned only once in the 16 years we've lived here. I've already 

formulated a potential plan and that is to place all utensils into the dishwasher, take the 

utensil drawer outdoors, wash it with the water hose and Dawn as the soap, rinse it, let it

dry, spray it with bleach, let it dry and then either paint it or cover it with that covering 

that has a pretty design on 1 side and glue on the opposite side. 

I told you before that I have a nephew named Kevin, my brother Jerry and his wife, Janet's

son. He works at the Bridgewater Car Wash and has always followed the weather with a 

passion, telling everyone around him the latest forecast. He's in good health, skinny, and, 

like me, has boundless energy. His only malady is diabetes the result, perhaps, of a bad 

gene in his family. You see, Kevin was adopted by Jerry and Janet, so he has a separate 

family tree. I thought I'd just tell you that because Kevin and I get along well together and 

like my nephew, Kevin Caricofe. 

Speaking of weather, the forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 73° and 55° with

scattered showers and rain for the next 3 days. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a 

present temperature of 58°, a barometric pressure of 29.89 and about an 1/6 of a moon 



**I typed yesterday: "Ryan and I are going to the Mennonite Relief Sale at the Wayne 

County Fairgrounds. Mother and I use to go to the Brethren Relief Sale at the Rockingham 

County Fairgrounds near Harrisonburg, Virginia off U.S. Route 11 south of the city."

The best way to drive to the Wayne County Fairgrounds is to drive from the driveway, turn

left onto Smucker Road, turn left at the 4 way stop after crossing over the single railroad

tracks onto Apple Creek Road and in about 3 miles distance south, turning right onto the 

on ramp for going on to U.S. Route 30 going west driving sometimes at 80 to 90 miles an 

hour. Most of the time I pass vehicles to my left, but at rare times they pass me so you 

know how fast they're driving. The speed limit is either 65 or 70, but I've see no sheriff

deputies or Ohio State Troopers yet and like most of the rest, we ignore the set speed 


Most of our visit to to the Mennonite Disaster Relief Sale is captured in 9 videos/audios 

that I produced and will share to you starting in the next couple of days on 10 social media 

sites including Facebook. 

But I need to tell you some others things that happened that might not have been 


At the Silent Auction there was a display of John Deere items, toy John Deere tractor, large 

cup with John Deere labeled on it and some other John Deere items that I don't remember

about. Ryan likes John Deere equipment and he has a friend , Jamie, who went to school 

with Ryan who likes John Deere tractors/equipment as well as Jamie's son who likes the 

same except his is John Deere toy tractors. Ryan and I went over to the adjacent building 

to the counter labeled cashier where he showed his Ohio State ID and the man gave him a 

number, 167. We went back to the display where the bid was $7. After talking to Ryan I 

said "maybe you'll have a better chance if you write down a bid of $10 instead of $8." Later 

on I went back to the parked Honda taking things we had purchased. I called Ryan who 

was at a John Schmidt performances located in 1 of the show arena buildings and told him
I would check on his bid status. I walked to the Silent Auction Building to the John Deere 

display and saw that the bid was won by the number 173. I really felt bad about that 

because I know Ryan really wanted it. I should have found out what time the bidding 

ended then stood over the display until just before it ended. I would have bid $50 or more 

knowing Ryan wanted it, but his reaction when I told him was "that's all right."

I donated around $10 yesterday for various things meaning I got nothing in return for my 

money paid. 

You can donate, but don't have to at: 

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