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"It ain't the weight you gain that's important, it's the weight you lose that's important, 

unless, of course, you're already skinny."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 4,070,000 results (1.91 seconds). 

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that's important, unless, of course, you're already skinny."


**Yesterday. I don't remember for sure about the videos, but I believe I published at least 

3 videos and 1 blog. In the early afternoon, I went outdoors to plant the partial bag of 

Scott's Commercial Grass Seed I have left. I've been unable to find and purchase this 

product anymore, a Walmart garden center employee saying that only fall grass seed 

would be available later on before fall. I've checked and will keep checking at places like 

Ace Hardware, Drug Mart, Walmart and Lowes for grass seed that mostly contains 


Blue Grass. 

I've been having a terrible time trying to grow grass in a once steep area in the lawn 

behind the back deck. I filled it in previously with dirt I carted from an area near the 

southeast corner flower bed which was dumped there when a paving company, hired by 

Bill, tared and graveled our U-shaped driveway. If I would have thought about it at the 

time, I would have had them dump the dirt behind the back deck.

I finally read the instructions on a bag of pearl black mulch after buying and spreading this

particularly mulch for several months, you know how men are? Plain and simple. Water 

the mulch after spreading. Read the directions next time first, Forrest. 

**Today. From High and low temperatures of 77° and 57° with cloudy skies

with rain tomorrow and sunny skies on Tuesday. The present conditions from my Acurite 

Weather Gauge displays a temperature of 60°, a barometric pressure of 29.98 and less than 

a 1/4 of a moon tonight. 

We need to go grocery shopping at Walmart, so I hope I'll be able to sow some more 

grass, shower and dress before leaving. I have at least 3 videos to process and publish on  

YouTube, 3 others needing uploading to YouTube and maybe 15 more videos that I need to

encode in Handbrake before uploading to YouTube. 

It's like I said yesterday in a quote by Lewis Carroll, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”


**You probably know that I'm an American, Caucasian, was over a little 6 feet tall, but now 

because of gravity I'm a little less than that. I'm 74 years old, 75 this coming October 27th.

I'm overweight, not being called fatso or old fatman yet, needing to lose about 20 pounds 

having lost 16 pounds already from a high of 212 pounds.

At:, I entered my Imperial weight as 5 foot 

11 inches tall, I don't have marks on the wall to indicate my height like Father and Mother 

had when we were kids growing up, and the calculated amount was BMI: 27.33 Pre-obese, 

meaning I'm getting close to being a fatso.

I gained the weight this past fall and winter still eating foods that contained a total of 

about 4,000 calories for the day expending only around 2,000 more or less, so I gained a 

about 1 pound more or less in 2 days, 3,500 calories being a pound. It's summer and I'm 

expending around 4,000 calories by working in the flower beds and the yard and losing 

weight because I eating foods with less calories than that. 

I typed a blog, maybe a week or so ago, related to fermented foods. There is a Korean food 

called Kimchi that contains mostly cabbage and other vegetables that they bury in the 

ground to allow it to ferment. Then they dig it up and eat. Did you ever see an overweight

Korean? While I was serving in Korea as a dog handler I saw only 1, he was paid a small 

sum to do our simple tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning and other things necessary 

to maintaining our guard shack on the hill where we and our houseboy ate/took a break 

from guarding the missiles that were readied for launch against any threat from North 

Korea. And you know what he ate? American food, cooked by the KPs' ("kitchen police" or 

"kitchen patrol") down on the main compound where we sometimes ate and slept in our 

Quonset Hut where we also had a houseboy who was skinny. He didn't eat our food, he ate

his food, Kimchi. Asians also eat rice, noodles and other Asian foods that are much like

the foods at the China Buffet we go to in Orrville.

What's my point in saying all this? Koreans as well as other Asian people eat fermented 

foods and majority of them are skinny. I'm starting to eat fermented foods from a list of 

a list of 7 that I read in a WebMD article beginning on page 64. On page 67, the list reads

Kefir, Kimchi of course, Kombucha, Miso, Tempeh, Sauerkraut and Yogurt. The fermented

Sauerkraut comes in a glass jar and says fermented on a white strip across the top. 

I bought Kimchi at Walmart in the produce section for about $5, Kombucha made with 

green or black tea which I purchased at Hartzler's Dairy in Wooster for about $6, 

fermented Yogurt in the dairy section at Walmart for about $4 and fermented Sauerkraut I 

purchased at Buehler's grocery store in the meat case for about $6. 

The summary of this article is simple. Eat fermented foods to help you loose weight.

**If you hear your voice on 1 of my YouTube videos please read my blog of August 1, 2017.

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