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7 Aug 17 - 1014 EDT - blog. There is Evil around us.


"Evil must be always met with violence."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. We went grocery shopping after I had completed all of my publishing's 

leaving at about 3:00 PM. And yes, of course, you know where went shopping. Walmart 

with the same “Always Low Prices.” I just looked it up online to make sure of the exact 

wording and I found out that after 19 years they are changing their slogan to “Save Money. 

Live Better.” After dropping Carolyn and Ryan off I went to Wooster's Buehlers grocery 

store to look for Nature's Own Double Fiber 100% Whole Wheat bread. I always purchase 

food items that I like to help me in pooping and this double fiber bread should certainly aid 

me in going to the restroom to do Number 2. As I entered the front entrance I saw that 

Buehlers' had Powerade, a coke product, on sale at 59 cents compared to Walmart's, 

“Save Money. Live Better," price of 68 cents. I found only 2 loafs of the bread I wanted on 

the shelf and took them both, 2 loafs for $5. As the cashier rang up my purchases she 

discovered that the packaging had torn open at the 1 end and 2 slices were almost as 

hard as a rock. "Do you want this," she asked, I saying "yes, there were only 2 loafs." She 

said "I won't charge you for that." So, as I left I was thinking that I had saved $2.50 without 

even a coupon. Sometimes even luck runs my way.

I then drove back to Walmart and went to the deli to get my usual potato wedges while I

shopped. The person waiting on me said that the time limit had run its' course and said she

had to dump the container of potato wedges which was full. I told her that "there is no one

looking," but unlike me who disobeys almost every rule that I think I can get away with, 

she was adamant in obeying Walmart's policy. I can't remember all the items I purchased,

but I do remember buying another 2 bird feeders, 1 each of fruits, a nectarine, a peach, a 

pear, a mango and 2 large tomatoes. I also purchased cans of spinach, salmon, turnip 

greens, sweet peas, fried apples and a carton of coconut milk, 45 calories per serving, that 

I use in place of a coffee creamer. The canned foods that I purchased, I place in plastic 

containers, then into my mini-fridge and add a spoonful of these foods to my nightly salad.

We then, me driving, went to Dollar General to purchase Era clothes washing detergent at 

$3.95 compared to Walmart's price of $5.00.

After arriving back at the house, we unloaded the groceries and other non-food items from 

the black VW, put them away and I prepared my salad, ate it and went to bed.

**Today. I'm way behind on publishing my videos on YouTube and produced 8 more 

yesterday outside of and in Walmart. My plan is to take a break from producing videos 

until I can catch up. It appears that I can publish only about 3 videos a day taking them 

though my encoder, Handbreak, uploading to YouTube, filling out the required information, 

saving, publishing and then sharing with 10 social media sites.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 74°and 54° and cloudy skies

with no rain in the next 3 days. My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature

of 62°, a barometric pressure of 29.89 and no visible moon tonight. 

I'll have to phone the Wayne County Health Department to see if they'll give us a wavier 

for completing the work in 30 days of redirecting the gray water running into the ditch 

along Smucker Road. All of the estimates so far say they are booked past the 30 day limit.

I also need to phone Arch Plumbing and asked them to send to us a written estimate. Their

bid is the lowest so far at $3,000. 

I'm sure I'll have time today to go outdoors and sow grass, spray weed killer, plant the 

flower bulbs that I've forgotten about for so long and some other things that will have to 

wait until I go outdoors and see what needs doing. 


**What would you do in the possible presence of danger?

I've learned over the years, in part, how to protect myself and others. I remember telling 

my sons, Michael Shane and Ryan "walk in there like you own the place." Michael 

Shane does not like the name Shane, but I named him and he ain't the one doing the 

typing.  I took after my Father in this, he would, like above and saying "what the hell going 

on." Both of my sons have followed my advice and with the exception of Michael Shane 

getting beat up when he was teenager and Ryan getting beat up by psychopathic study 

hall teacher when he attended Orrville High School, I don't believe they've faced that same 

trouble since.

I also told you once that I need to control what's going on around me in any situation to 

protect myself and the safety of others. And I've told about my behavior to several people 

that if I saw an innocent child or adult being harmed by an evil, we would both die or the 

evil would live and I would die or vice versa after I attacked the evil with violence.

I once told you that I was arrested and was told I couldn't own a gun for 5 years. It has 

only been a little over 2 years so I still can't own a gun for self defense.

But I have pepper spray which I've placed just beside the emergency brake lever in the 

Honda and you know what? You'll never guess. I'll go ahead a tell you. I have 

Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent with a range of 35 feet and a holster looking like an 

old west gunman.  I could fall face first 5 times and still be 5 feet from the evil. Bring it on.

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